Red Harvest Literature Review

Red Harvest (3,645 BBY)

Written by Joe Schreiber

A prequel to Death Troopers by quite a bit, none of the characters appear – it is simply all about the virus. Although it’s a prequel, it has to top Death Troopers without being the same thing. So how to accomplish this? Easy. Put the plague on a planetful of Sith.

That’s right we got Force zombies! Darth Scaborous is a Sith Lord and the head of a Sith Academy on Odacer-Faucin a snowy planet which is always good for horror. Scaborous is searching for immortality and from a holocron has a recipe for disaster. He needs one other ingredient, a black orchid kept by the Jedi and a member of the Agricultural Corps. That is where Hestizo Trace comes in.

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Darth Bane: Path Of Destruction Literature Review


Darth Bane: Path of Destruction

written by: Drew Karpyshyn

Mentioned in passing at first during the novelization of Episode I, Darth Bane quickly grabbed the imagination of many Star Wars fans who clamored to know more about the history of the father of the modern day Sith. So much so, that there was certainly a danger to the overhype of a character that no story would have reached the legends built up in a rabid fanbase’s mind.

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Bane Of The Sith Literature Review


“Bane of the Sith”

Written by: Kevin J. Anderson

Originally appeared: Star Wars Gamer #3

Now I see where Drew Karpyshyn got the idea for parts of Rule of Two. And I wish he had stayed to his own designs for this story which is expanded upon during Rule of Two. So I mentioned everything and reviewed that in his novel review so I’m just making this page more for completion than a grade. Oh and I’m not a fan of Anderson’s Star Wars work overall and this didn’t win me over.


-Paul Talon

Dawn Of An Era – Fan Fiction

Dawn of an Era

Timeline Pre EP I

by Paul Talon

Raina clutched her bulging stomach. The journey on this cruiser was tough enough without the turbulence. She had to take it though. Her baby depended on her. She looked around the rest of the cruiser at the other passengers. Refugees and those looking to better their life by changing scenery clogged the economy class section of the Will to Live. She was unaccustomed to being this close to so many of these people. Being of upper-class blood, she rarely saw much of the downtrodden. But if she wanted to keep her journey secret, there was no better way. No one she knew would look for her down here.

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