Millenium Falcon Literature Review


Millenium Falcon

by: James Luceno

Refreshing. That was the first word that comes to mind and actually came to mind while reading this novel. In a universe where Star Wars had gotten increasingly chaotic and depressing with evil at every turn and darkness swallowing the light left and right, Millenium Falcon swoops in just like it’s namesake and saves the day.

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Fate of the Jedi Volume 5: Allies Literature Review

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Allies (44 ABY)

written by: Christie Golden

Finally something happens and yet…Golden finds a way to make it seem like not a whole heckuva lot. Nothing personally against Ms. Golden, but after reading two of her books, I hope she is taken out of the next Star Wars arc rotation. She just doesn’t have what it takes in writing an engaging Star Wars novel.

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Fate of the Jedi Volume 4: Backlash Literature Review

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash (43.5 ABY)

written by: Aaron Allston

Aaron Allston knows how to write a good story that is at once engrossing, informative, and usually fairly humorous. I was glad to see his return to the Fate of the Jedi storyline which is really right up his alley. The novel, like the series is one that is unlike most Star Wars stories. Although there is danger imminent, it isn’t front and center and the be all and end all of what is going on. Instead, we get brief reminders here and there. And when you expect a large climactic lightsaber duel or dogfight, it swerves. I know I’m not talking it up really here and some people are bound to hate the more intimate big story but I’m loving it.

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Fate of the Jedi Volume 3: Abyss Literature Review


Fate of the Jedi Volume 3: Abyss

Written by Troy Denning

It amazed me as I sat down after finishing the novel to think that here we are a third of the way done with the series and almost nothing has happened thus far.

And yet, I still find myself wanting to read further to find out what is happening.

But I will also say is that it better start happening soon. As much as I am loving watching the political chess match between Daala and the Jedi, the troubled romance of Jaina Solo and Jag Fel, and Luke and Ben’s search for the cause of Jacen’s descent into the darkside, it’s bound to get old…and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if some readers were slightly turned off by that fact at this point.

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Fate of the Jedi Volume 2: Omen Literature Review


Fate of the Jedi Vol 2: Omen

by: Christie Golden

This is a hard one for me to review. I can’t say I liked Golden’s style of writing, but it wasn’t distracting enough for me to call it a fault. I can’t say I was excited about much that happened, but enough happened to want to know what happens next. Much like the first book in the series, it all seems to be floundering around waiting for something to happen.

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