Fate of the Jedi Volume 1: Outcast Literature Review


Fate of the Jedi Volume 1: Outcast

by: Aaron Allston

Aaron Allston is one of my favorite Star Wars author. I was excited to see him get a chance at honing the main narrative of the Star Wars universe after really hitting it out of the park during the X-Wing books and side novels in some of the bigger epics.

And the novel is so much better for having him at the helm. Why? Well, not much happens. At the end of the novel you can’t really say a lot went on in order to drive a major epic.

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Han Solo’s Last Flight – Fan Fiction

Han Solo’s Last Flight

by Paul Talon

Han rubbed his face, trying to get the sleep out of his eye.

He had to face it. He had gotten old. He looked around at the Falcon.

It seemed so empty. And it always will.

He looked at his co-pilot seat…now twice emptied.
First Chewbacca oh so long ago, and then…


Lost in the Last Sith War when the Malengi attacked the Senate. (SEE JINNMATRE SAGA: THE LAST SITH WAR)

Han had been thought dead, and most of the time, he wished he had died. He remembers seeing a large light and leaping to cover his love, and then waking up, confused, alone, and clutching a few strands of his wife’s hair.

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