Darth Maul: Saboteur Literature Review

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Darth Maul: Saboteur

Written by James Luceno

Another shortish story, that was originally an e-book, Saboteur really serves as a prequel to two stories – Luceno’s own Cloak of Deception and Michael Reaves’ Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter. Introducing Darth Maul to Sidious’ political maneuvering adds a great element of intrigue. Also seeing Maul perform a task of subtlety (at least for him) works well.

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Bane Of The Sith Literature Review


“Bane of the Sith”

Written by: Kevin J. Anderson

Originally appeared: Star Wars Gamer #3

Now I see where Drew Karpyshyn got the idea for parts of Rule of Two. And I wish he had stayed to his own designs for this story which is expanded upon during Rule of Two. So I mentioned everything and reviewed that in his novel review so I’m just making this page more for completion than a grade. Oh and I’m not a fan of Anderson’s Star Wars work overall and this didn’t win me over.


-Paul Talon

Frozen Heart – Fan Fiction

Frozen Heart

by Paul Talon


“Put him in,” Darth Vader commands his troops, indicating the rogue Captain Solo.

Unable to contain his frustrated anger any longer, Chewbacca gave into his rage and let out a wild howl. He lunged towards the stormtroopers surrounding Han. Within seconds, other Imperial reinforcements join the scuffle, and began clubbing the giant Wookiee with their laser weapons. From Chewie’s back, Threepio’s voice begans to cry hysterically,

“Oh, no! No, no, no! Stop, Chewbacca, stop…!” He continues to panic while he tries to protect himself with his one arm.

The stormtroopers are about to bash Chewie in the face, when the gruff voice of an old friend breaks in

“Stop, Chewie, stop! Do you hear me? Stop!” Han says trying to insert himself between the the troops and his best friend.

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For Leia – Fan Fiction

For Leia

by Paul Talon

He had seen a lot of darkness inhis long life. But this was beyond anything he could have dreamed.

His little girl. His little Leia.

Bail hadn’t wanted to believe the reports that had come down. He glanced at them again through the solitary tear that rolled down his face.

Tantive IV had sent out a distress signal. Before Bail could send help, the Empire kindly had let him know that all aboard had been killed.

All because of the damned rebellion. In the beginning, he had supported it. He had loved Padme Amidala as a close friend. He had respected Mon Mothma. He had wanted to restore democracy to a falling republic.

But was he right? More and more it was getting difficult to believe that. Twenty years and all it had gotten them was death and destruction. Sedition, treason, betrayal. These were ugly words. But they were the words that described him. Palpatine had obtained his position legally. Whether or not it was through loopholes, he did nothing illegal. The people supported him. Who was he to rebel?

Who were any of them?

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Assimilation – Fan Fiction


by Paul Talon

Unknown Timeline

Jedi Master of Indoctrination in the Colonies, Faisa Potral walked assuredly into the large audience chamber. It was a large white oval room with rising seats where Jedi Masters from each galaxy would sit and hear the latest report from the Interquadrant Planet Assimilation Board.

Potral smiled at a few compatriots as he glided into the main seat at the center of the room.

Smoothing his dark silken robes, he sat and reviewed todays agenda.

It would be more of the same. Another planetary system with a semi-intelligent, but ultimately primitive species, had been discovered.

He had long argued that the key to true Victory in the Force was to seek out those who needed their help and education…and provide it.

He had won out. He always did.

However some attempts had led to denial, and in the worst cases, rejection. But the problems were all taken care of.

New techniques were always being experimented with. One particular new tactic was being tried with this specific system, 4a-ER – 4a-ER W8 on the navigational charts.

A tactic which had to undermine thousands of years of brainwashing done by a previous attempt to subvert the population.

Potral shook his head in disgust. The Sith had discovered this planet long before the Jedi ever heard of it.

Luckily the species was primitive enough to misunderstand the Sith. They soon rejected the teachings of the Sith. They murdered the ones who had come before. But enough of the people saw these Sith as martyrs. It would be hard to break them of that.

But the Jedi were committed to winning this planet over, no matter what the cost.

Potral’s thoughts were interrupted as he realized the master in charge of the initial teaching of the population had begun speaking.

“The planet is in disarray. They have the means for worldwide communication but they tend to squander it. There is intelligence there, but considering the level of people we are dealing with as an average, I had to find a different way to reach them.”

“What of the Sith?” Potral demanded

“Our teachings in no way dishonor their memory of their Sith, which might cause them to revolt, and I chose a way far enough away from those who worship the Sith, that they would not notice.” the master grinned slightly. “In addition, the Sith never identified themselves as Sith, so there is no way they will connect them with the Sith of which I am teaching of as evil.”

“How many ‘sessions’ of education were you able to teach?” another board member asked.

“Only six. But with their ability to communicate worldwide, I should be able to reach enough people with them,” the master said turning to his new questioner.

Potral nodded. “When we show up in a larger group, what do you think their reaction will be?”

“Amazed and thankful,” the master laughed. “They believe the Sith are evil!”

Potral finally found a smile. “Good. Good. Excellent work Master….” he trailed off questioningly.

The master stood at attention. “Assignor 1138 – Master Jorj Lucahs.”

Potral stood and smiled “Master Lucahs. Thanks to you, this world has hope…The hope that it shall go peacefully under our domination. And if not, it matters not, we shall crush them under our war machine. The pitiful Sith could not stand before us with their pathetic pacifism. What hope do these apes stand?”