Balance of the Force Episode VII: The Tainting of the Force – Fan Fiction

Balance of the Force EpisodeVII: The Tainting of the Force.

by Paul Talon


Swirling around in the Force. Consciousness came and went, slowly pulsing through his consciousness. The Force was quite powerful. He never knew how powerful. Much more powerful than he had even thought. The past, the present, the future. Everything was present in the Force. Something was different though. There was something not quite right. There was something taxing the force…abusing it…subverting it.


What? Time? What? He felt the Force flow in and out, in and out, until there was a bright light…and fear.

Chapter 1.

The Jedi.

They have been the one constant this galaxy had in the millennia of existence.
Governments had risen and fallen, strove for excellence, and crumbled to the ground. Races have sprung up and gone extinct. But the Jedi remained. There was one time in the history of their existence where they were almost eliminated. But not quite. This time, the job would be finished. If he had to hunt down every last Jedi himself, they would be destroyed., and at last there would be vengeance.

Vengeance for those whose children were stolen from them in the name of the Force. Vengeance for those who were not important enough to deal with the high and mighty Jedi over such piddling things as their lives. Vengeance for those who were persecuted because they used the Force, but ultimately disagreed with the dogmatic views the Jedi handed out.

Vengeance for the Sith.

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Balance of the Force Episode V: Legacy of the Chosen One – Fan Fiction

Balance of the Force Episode V: Legacy of the Chosen One

by Paul Talon

The four travelers passed through the wormhole again after their ship was repaired and modified.

Raist checked against the marker they left behind. “Two years. A lot can happen in two years.”

“Two years!?!” Anakin exclaimed. Jacen sat confused.”

“Seems it does that a trip to alternate universes can make you lose a litle bit of time.”


“Incoming!” cried Gruda.

Raist looked out side and was shocked to see ships of an Imperial design.

“Wow,” was all he could say. “He’s moved beyond the test scee.

“Looks like we go to a place when the Emperor is well and good. Can you handle that?”

“Here we go again,” Jacen said under his breath.

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Balance Of The Force Episode IX: Awakening of the Force – Fan Fiction

Balance of the Force Saga:

Episode IX: Awakening of the Force

by Paul Talon

Anders awoke with a start. He didn’t know where he was.

“Rest easy young one. You’ve had quite the day.”

Anders looked up towards the voice and saw Master Ralls standing over him.

“M-m-master Ralls? What are you…where are we?”

“We’re on Tatooine Anders. Socal brought you down to see me after he landed because you didn’t awaken. If I didn’t know better, I would have sworn you were in a jedi healing trance,” Ralls said with a slight hint of questioning.

Anders sat up and wished he hadn’t.

“Well, it didn’t work if that’s what it was…”

Anders looked up to guage his surroundings. He was in some kind of hut, with little decoration, but a definite lived in feel. He couldn’t really take in much more, because the flap on the door burst open and Socal came in and embraced Anders, lifting him off his feet.

“Good to see you back kid!”

“Socal,” Ralls started, “It might be better if you leave him on the cot.” Socal dropped Anders back down and nodded.

“You’re right. Sorry. Just excited. I mean he owes me a lot of ale!”

Ralls smirked, “Of course he does.”

Anders smiled weakly. “You’ll get them all and more as I get better.” He turned to Ralls. “So why Tatooine? I haven’t been to this hellhole since Holdess found me.”

Ralls smiled. “Has it been that long? I actually like it here. There’s a lot of solitude. Anyways, I finally got a piece of information from 3PO that just might be important.”

“What was that?” Anders looked past Ralls and saw 3PO just watching.

“Remember the story of Luke Skywalker and his son?” Ralls asked.
“You mean Luke’s death? Yeah.”

“Well, it turns out that Ben turned to the dark side after an experiment gone awry. He was studying the ability to siphon the Force off of users and into his own body. This was going to be a new effective way to strip dark side users of the Force. But he never got far enough for it to be effective. He had tried it on a few dark jedi who Luke had captured. Luke had been wary because it seemed almost unnatural and too much of the Dark side, but Ben had a way of convincing his father. It is unknown exactly what happened, but we do know what happened in the long run.”

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Balance of the Force Episode IV: Return of the Whill – Fan Fiction

Balance of the Force Episode IV: Return of the Whill

by Paul Talon


Anakin and Jacen stood united on Coruscant.

They looked out over the sea of people gathered in the courtyard of the Jedi Temple. So many people expressed interest in coming, an emergency extension was built to expand capacity.

They looked out and saw a world of familiar faces. Lowbacca led a contingency of wookies. Lando Calrissian and his wife Tendra. Talon Karrde, his wife and a host of his organiziation, including Crev Bombassa. A woman, who Jacen thought looked familiar but couldn’t place. Wedge Antilles and all the past and present Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron. Kyp Durron was at the front of the gathered Jedi whose number alone nearly dwarfed the place. Booster Terrik and his family. Chief of State Ballance.

All there to lay their father to rest.

Han Solo.

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A New Prophecy Volume II: Prophets of the Forces – Fan Fiction

Prophets of the Force

Takes Place 6 months after Volume I: Creeping Doom

by Paul Talon based on a treatement by Daniel Gelinske


It has been six months since the Battle for Alkata.

Both galaxies have seen their share of warfare and strife.

In Galaxy One a new terrorist organization, named the Wheel of Dantius has grown so powerful that it is truly the biggest military power in the galaxy.

The Jedi who remained struggle with their own identity as well as the exodus of their previous masters.

In Galaxy Two the Jedi have fought a valiant battle against the forces of Lord Void but there seems to be no end to the conflict.


Captain Azeel took his Bloodhawk and buzzed it downwards towards a lush blue-greenworld as his passengers: Jedi Knights Kyrick Lune, Kwinn Trex, and Goveronr Tal Terron, watched with interest.

“We are ready to glide into a suborbital position.”

Lune nodded. “OK. Gently skim the atmosphere. We don’t want to trip their radar.”

Azeel quickly agreed. “The countermeasures are in place. With luck, they won’t see us coming in.”

Kwinn smiled towards their pilot. “The Force is with us Captain. We’ll be fine.”

A beep followed by the tell tale glow from outside the craft, told them they were successful.

Azeel looked at his instruments. “Radar detects no security drones within our vicinity. We should be in Capital City wihin the hour.”

“I imagine much has changed since I supposedly abandoned office,” Terron said with a smirk.

Lune looked up at the governor. “Darth Void’s sphere of control may extend far enough to include the offices of politics in Capital City but according to our sources, the people of Unrar are poised for rebellion.”

Terron shook his head warningly.

“Just because we have friends on Unrar, doesn’t mean we need to broadcast our presence. You can be assured that Thorstrike has as many friends if not more within the city.

The fighter flew over a dark lake, and landed on top of the water beforeslowly sinking into the shallow region.

Turning on their personal forcefields, designed to keep themselves dry, they looked to the airlock.

“Bloodhawks may be amphibious, but I’m not, so let’s get to the surface!”

“Good luck gentlemen.”

“May the Force be with you,” Lune said to the room.

The four insurrectionists swam to the shore, quickly got to their feet and switched their forcefields off.

A cool breeze made them glad their forcefields kept them dry. Capital City loomed over the lake.

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