Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace – Film Review

As “The Phantom Menace” reaches its ninth birthday (hard to believe, innit?), it makes sense to go back, rewatch the film, and see how well it holds up. The short answer is: surprisingly well. But almost ten years later, I don’t think too many opinions will be changing a great deal about the film. The legitimate criticisms that Menace has had to endure are still valid. Its successes are still noteworthy. So what can be said about The Phantom Menace that hasn’t already been said countless times on message boards over the past ten years? What’s left to be analyzed? Critiqued? Reviewed? Well, nothing, really. Except, perhaps, the perspective that can only be achieved almost a decade after the film’s release. And a look at its place in an era of movie-making that may go down as the “Golden Age of Adventure.”

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