Fate of the Jedi Volume 2: Omen Literature Review


Fate of the Jedi Vol 2: Omen

by: Christie Golden

This is a hard one for me to review. I can’t say I liked Golden’s style of writing, but it wasn’t distracting enough for me to call it a fault. I can’t say I was excited about much that happened, but enough happened to want to know what happens next. Much like the first book in the series, it all seems to be floundering around waiting for something to happen.

I love politics in Star Wars and I know I’m in the minority there but it always intrigues me to watch things unfold but there’s politics and then there’s this. I can’t remember such a long stretch of Star Wars story where we haven’t had any real action. No big battle. We’ve had several minor skirmishes all related to psycho Jedi and getting them sedated.

And we have Jedi School as Luke and Ben try to discover where Jacen went wrong.

The strong point about the novel is certainly the relationships between the Jedi (and Han and Jag). The Solo clan, Luke and Ben, Jaina and Jag, the Masters of the Council.

The introduction of the Lost Tribe of the Sith is another thing I’m mixed on. The Sith are always the best most classic enemy of the Jedi but at the same time it seems desperate. As if they had run out of ideas and so they had to go with a LOST Sith that hadn’t been accounted for yet. So it turns out Bane wasn’t the last of the Sith all those years ago.

It cheapens years of Sith history to me and just I can’t find myself getting excited over this development. I found myself drifiting during scenes detailing their return. I can’t say they are worthy villains at this time.

Admiral Daala on the other hand is a great rival and that is where most of my interest sparks from.

Overall it’s an average book but it does serve as a good time fillers as we wait for the series to really kick in. We shouldn’t have to wait this long though.


-Paul Talon

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