Fate of the Jedi Volume 3: Abyss Literature Review


Fate of the Jedi Volume 3: Abyss

Written by Troy Denning

It amazed me as I sat down after finishing the novel to think that here we are a third of the way done with the series and almost nothing has happened thus far.

And yet, I still find myself wanting to read further to find out what is happening.

But I will also say is that it better start happening soon. As much as I am loving watching the political chess match between Daala and the Jedi, the troubled romance of Jaina Solo and Jag Fel, and Luke and Ben’s search for the cause of Jacen’s descent into the darkside, it’s bound to get old…and in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if some readers were slightly turned off by that fact at this point.

Perhaps I’m just loving the fact that it’s new Star Wars that I haven’t read yet.

The main culprit of this though is the Jedi/Daala squareoff. In three books we’ve determined that the madness afflicting the Jedi is only affecting those who spent time in the shetler at the Maw during the Yuuzhan Vong War. And a few more Jedi have gone down. That specifically is going to get old. Watching a Jedi seem fine and then suddenly see his friends as impostors.

The Luke/Ben storyline is more compelling at this point, We get to visit the Mindwalkers who are in the Maw. They are a group of people who leave their bodies to go “beyond the shadows” for weeks at a time
letting the Force sustain their bodies.

The storyline is a big vague and confusing until Ben joins Luke and the two meet up with the spirits of Anakin Solo, Mara Jade Skywalker, and then…Jacen.

It was cool to see their spirits as the story goes.

The Sith story? Still horrible. Plain boring. I don’t care abut the characters, they feel like rejects. I found myself skimming through these sections making me wonder if they will ever seem like worthy villains.

And then the finale comes. The initial battle between Luke/Ben and the Sith is phenomenal. The Sith felt a part of the story and they felt like they might be worthwhile.

At least for the moment. It was a moment desperately needed by the series and hopefully it will serve as the starting point for some more action oriented sequences.

Overall, more successful than Golden’s Omen and on par with Outcast. Now hopefully less setup and more action to follow.


- Paul Talon

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