Fate of the Jedi Volume 4: Backlash Literature Review

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash (43.5 ABY)

written by: Aaron Allston

Aaron Allston knows how to write a good story that is at once engrossing, informative, and usually fairly humorous. I was glad to see his return to the Fate of the Jedi storyline which is really right up his alley. The novel, like the series is one that is unlike most Star Wars stories. Although there is danger imminent, it isn’t front and center and the be all and end all of what is going on. Instead, we get brief reminders here and there. And when you expect a large climactic lightsaber duel or dogfight, it swerves. I know I’m not talking it up really here and some people are bound to hate the more intimate big story but I’m loving it.

Although there was less of Luke and Ben exploring different avenues of the Force, there still was that aspect within the Dathormiri culture. Intertwining the Nightsisters of Dathomir and the Sith seemd inevitable even if the Sith still had plenty of male involvement.

The verbal sparring and riposting between the Skywalkers and Vestara who has hidden herself amongst the Dathomiri clan giving her full clan rights and responsibilities is a highlight as Allston has great control over dialogue and tone.

Meanwhile the political arena involving Daala with the Solos and the Jedi is also as intresting as any lightsaber duel, esepcially when you add in the Moffs desire to assassinate Jagged Fel and create a new Empire.

The only problem that I just realize as I write this review. Not much happened. And yet I loved the book. I guess that’s a lot of praise for Allston.

The ending is a highlight though and perhaps the story is going to start going in high gear as Luke and Ben take Vestara away and run into a Sith fleet. After some verbal sparring the two factions agree to go back to the Maw and confront the dark power that has affected apprentices on both sides…at least the Sith claim that in order to get Luke to trust them.

All in all, despite not a lot happening overall, it is a satisfying novel.


-Paul Talon

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