Fate of the Jedi Volume 5: Allies Literature Review

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Allies (44 ABY)

written by: Christie Golden

Finally something happens and yet…Golden finds a way to make it seem like not a whole heckuva lot. Nothing personally against Ms. Golden, but after reading two of her books, I hope she is taken out of the next Star Wars arc rotation. She just doesn’t have what it takes in writing an engaging Star Wars novel.

We finally discover and see the defeat of Abeloth. So that’s a big deal. Unfortunately it’s all left up in the air what exactly she was or what she was doing and in the end when Luke is able to break through and defeat her, it seemed almost anti-climactic. A few looks into future book blurbs shows us that Abeloth is not killed by Luke, so perhaps her story can be resolved in a more satisfying manner.

The Sith/Skywalker alliance was not as interesting as it could have been however the Romeo/Juliet of Ben/Vestara is enticing if not altogether original. Again, I’ll be glad to see how it develops under a different author’s watch. Unfortunately Golden has one more book in store for us, the penultimate chapter. I’d much rather have it take longer and let Allston and Denning go back and forth or replace Golden with Stover or Luceno or someone else in the Star Wars Universe of authors.

Back on Coruscant, the political intrigue remains the most fun part of the storyline thus far as the Jedi vs Daala is escalated to an art form. Of course the melodrama between Jaina and Jag does what it can to sap that fun.
But Dorvan and Thul, Hamner and the Council certainly keep the story moving.

However one of my complaints about the series as a whole that is exacerbated in this novel is the fact that the story is diluted a bit. Without an overall villain or storyline, the little stories just don’t seem as epic or as important. It seems just not quite as potent. Perhaps it’s building to a war on two fronts, but unless Daala team up with the Sith (which should not happen in a million years), than it’s always going to be that case of both stories tugging against each other to be THE story.

Overall it’s not horrible, for all I write about not liking Golden, it’s not Darksaber or anything – it’s just average.


-Paul Talon

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