Millenium Falcon Literature Review


Millenium Falcon

by: James Luceno

Refreshing. That was the first word that comes to mind and actually came to mind while reading this novel. In a universe where Star Wars had gotten increasingly chaotic and depressing with evil at every turn and darkness swallowing the light left and right, Millenium Falcon swoops in just like it’s namesake and saves the day.

It has been a long time since I remember a Star Wars novel that actually felt like it fit in with A New Hope. That’s not to bash what the universe had become, more of a comment on how things have evolved especially in the novels since 1977.

Luceno is a master at weaving a non-epic storyline dropping in bits of continuity to appease the rabid fanbase and just keep things interesting even without the fate of the galaxy being in balance.

In an interesting choice of narrative we learn the history of the Falcon in two ways. Starting from the present and working backwards we find Han Solo, Leia, and Allana going on a journey of discovery that if nothing else is done to help Allana along in her recovery of seeing her father fall to the dark side.

In another part of the galaxy we discover Tobb Jadak, one of the first owners of the Falcon trying to discover what happened to his ship, the Stellar Envoy as it leads to a treasure and the fulfilment of a mission that lie as dormant as he did since the Clone Wars. It would have been a better choice to make Tobb a long lived race rather than a human who lifespan was artificially enhanced, but that was a minor complaint.

The kind of general vague sort of plot is connected through little vignettes of those who had owned the Falcon between Jadak and Solo but Luceno does a great job of creating true separate and unique tales that keep the reader entertained.

The only thing that holds the story up from being perfect is the lack of a true climax on the treasure hunt angle. Being that that is one of the main actual plot points, to let it peter off the way it does seems unfortunate but it could lead to a spinoff of sorts for Tobb and his newfound partner Flitcher Poste…which says something. The new characters certainly held their own with the classic characters and helped push the story along.

Granted I know this is but a respite before the galaxy comes undone again in the upcoming Fate of the Jedi, but it is a welcome respite and truly one of the few really “important” explorations left after the completion of the film saga.


- Paul Talon

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