Dawn Of An Era – Fan Fiction

Dawn of an Era

Timeline Pre EP I

by Paul Talon

Raina clutched her bulging stomach. The journey on this cruiser was tough enough without the turbulence. She had to take it though. Her baby depended on her. She looked around the rest of the cruiser at the other passengers. Refugees and those looking to better their life by changing scenery clogged the economy class section of the Will to Live. She was unaccustomed to being this close to so many of these people. Being of upper-class blood, she rarely saw much of the downtrodden. But if she wanted to keep her journey secret, there was no better way. No one she knew would look for her down here.

Losing her husband nearly six months ago, made her nervous to travel. He had always protected her. Now in her condition, she could use more protection and he just wasn’t around.

“Ow,” she said aloud. The baby had kicked her in her ribs. Hard. She winced as she rubbed the targeted area. She wish she could have stayed at home and forget all this nonsense but she couldn’t.

Not if she wanted to keep her baby.

After the funeral of her husband, one of his a friends, a man named Balest Motahr had stayed the night and was immediately interested in their unborn baby. He had brought her aside and told her that he had once been a Jedi Knight! She couldn’t believe it. A Jedi? Her husband knew a Jedi. At first she had been excited. She had always heard that the Jedi were the epitome of good. The guardians of peace and justice in the galaxy with powers that were hard to understand.

Balest had set her straight. He told her about the corruption of ideals in the Jedi order. How they were no longer servants of life. In fact they had been denying life for years. They taught to ignore love, ignore passion, downplay any true emotion in life. It sounded awful. He went on to claim that the Jedi didn’t really care about family. All they cared about was filling their ranks and keeping their power. He noted that they took infants who were Force-sensitive away from their families and that somehow it was still legal! They were allowed to kidnap and mold these children into the robotic religious fanatics the Jedi were today.

Balest himself had no recollection of any childhood before the Temple and he felt more and more violated as he grew. Teachings of both Yoda, and Balest’s master, Sifo-dyas were not enough to sustain his crumbling foundations. He soon became the last of the Lost Eighteen, one of those who turned his back on the Jedi and their lies.

Raina had asked him why he was telling her this. He had answered simply that he had felt the Force emanating from her unborn child! The Jedi would discover this and would take her baby from her and she would never see him again! This horrified her. What could she possibly do? Balest had offered one other option.

He would deliver the baby. If he delivered the baby, he could mask the Force that emanated from her child, so the Jedi would never find him. She musn’t tell anyone less then Jedi discover the truth. She had thanked him profusely and promised to contact him when the time was soon.

When she instinctually knew time was short, she booked passage on the first cruiser to his resident planet of Chandrila and sent him a message through the holonet to let him know she was on her way.
She had been lucky to get on board. Economy class was all that was left. It had been completely filled by the time it had blasted off.

She hoped she gave herself enough time. Closing her eyes, she tried to relax when the ship rocked as if struck. Immediately, her eyes snapped open and she looked around. All the other faces were nervously scanning the area as well. A few more explosions caused the ship to lurch back and forth. The intercom buzzed to life, with the voice of the man who had identified himself as the Captain.

“Passengers of the Will to Live, this is Captain Arithes speaking. Please try to remain calm. We are under attack from pirates of some kind.” An immediate squeal of chatter erupted in the passenger sections. “We have always found it best to remain as calm as you can. We are being boarded and—“

There was a scuffle before a new voice came on the intercom.

“Good evenings ladies and gentlebeings. I am your new Captain. You may call me, Crolan. We are here just long enough to collect your jewelry and other wealth you may have on you. Please no heroics, less we have to collect your corpse as well to sell for organs.”

A fear swept through the compartments. Raina didn’t have much in the way of credits on her. She carried little except her identification. She hoped her earrings and necklace would be enough for the thieves to let her alone.

The door in front of her swooshed open and in stepped a large green pig-like creature that Raina had never seen the likes of before. He caressed a vibroax like it was his lover. With him were two humans. One had a scarred face and held a large blaster.
The other had a bag that he was quickly filling with stolen goods.

Raina quickly took her jewelry off and threw it in the bag but it wasn’t enough for Scarred-Face, who looked her up and down.

“With child and without a man?” he said leering at her.

Raina was frightened into silence.

“Come here love, I love myself a woman with child,” he said grabbing her roughly around her right hip, hand lowering on her backside. Raina gasped audibly and tried to break his hold. He and Pig Face laughed while the Collector kept at his task.

The door whooshed open again and a small shadowy shape walked through. Pausing, it took note of the situation.

“Enough that is,” it spoke in a gravelly voice. “The woman. Let her go you will.”

The scarred man laughed, “Oh yeah shorty? We’ll see about that. Snort! Take care of business. Vibroaxe raised, Pig-Face snorted and rushed the short shadowy creature.

Almost unmoving, the cloak flew off the newcomer and a flash of green appeared from his hand. The attacker’s arm, along with his axe, were soon quite a bit further away from the shoulder than they ever had been.

Scarred-Face laughed no longer. He glanced out the window and noticed a docked Republic ship. He grabbed Raina tightly and pointed his blaster at her stomach!

“No! Please! My baby!” Raina begged.

“Shut up!” Scarred-Face screamed at her. “You come any nearer and you got two on your conscious, freak.”

“Nearer, I don’t need to get to stop you,” her baby’s savior quipped. Scarred-Face’s blaster flew out of his hand to the floor and Scarred Face himself flew back into the Collector, knocking heads together and landing on the compartment floor unconscious. The short newcomer walked up to Raina.

“All right are you?”

“Yes sir,” Raina answered hesitantly.

“Protect yourself and your youngling you must. Strong in the Force is your boy. Very strong!”

“You’re a Jedi aren’t you?” she asked slowly, never having seen one before.

“Heh heh. Gave it away my lightsaber did?” he answered ruefully.

Raina pulled back immediately, mumbling her thanks but rushing to the refresher station to avoid his piercing glare. She stayed in the refresher until the Jedi had left the compartment, blaming her pregnancy for her need to linger.

She sat down again in her assigned seat, keeping her eyes on the door. That was too close.


Raina gave birth to a healthy boy with piercing blue eyes (with a hint of green in the right light). Balest looked on smiling down at Raina with her child.

“This boy is very strong in the Force. It is good you came to me. The Jedi would have certainly taken him from you. We must foster his independence from their dogmatic views. I would be honored to train him in all aspects of the Force.”

Raina felt a great deal of relief at this. She loved the idea of having Balest close to her. She would feel much safer knowing that her and her son would be protected always. Her son would grow up to be better than the Jedi she promised herself. Because he will have the love the Jedi lack.

She held her son close to her chest giving him the warmth he needed. Balest extended his arm to her.

“May I hold him, Raina?”

“Of course, Balest.”

Taking the child, Balest looked deeply into his eyes with wonder and smiled.

“I’m sorry it has to be like this Raina,” he said slowly while his smile turned into more of a smirk.

“Like what?” Raina said growing tense.

In one swift motion he took the baby in one arm and with his free hand withdrew a lightsaber and placed it next to her face. Raina froze in fear.


He ignited his saber and a flash of red pierced through Raina’s face and she crumpled to the bed virtually headless. The child began to wail almost uncontrollably.

“Yes, little Palpatine…Despair!!! Your despair, your anger will make you powerful one day.”

Darth Plagueis shut down his lightsaber and walked out of the room, leaving only the vessel of the greatest tyrant the galaxy would ever know.

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