Obi-Wan/Darth Maul Spinoff in the works?

Obi-Wan Vs Darth Maul II – The Fighting Machines on Tatooine

Obi-Wan and Darth Maul to head spinoff film?

  • Our source notes that the Lucasfilm friend who provided the information said the idea is being tossed around.

  • Set between Star Wars Episode III and Episode IV.

  • Said to feature Ewan McGregor reprising the role of Obi-Wan Kenobi in his exile on Tatooine.

  • The villain? Darth Maul hunting down his nemesis with a possible plot point involving a 5-year-old Luke Skywalker somehow tied into the story possibly as bait for Obi-Wan.

  • Again, our source notes nothing is set in stone and things for the Star Wars spin-offs are obviously in an early stage of development.