Clone Wars Season 6! (sorta)

Earlier this year, Lucasfilm (now under Disney Management™) stuck a dagger in the hearts of fans of the popular and acclaimed animated television series: The Clone Wars. Not only would the series end after this, its fifth season, but the status of material already in development (some of which had already been completed) was in doubt.

However, all is not lost. During Disney’s Star Wars Weekends, director Dave Filoni unveiled a “Season 6″ clip featuring Yoda requiring Anakin’s help in defying the orders of the Jedi Council. It’s a tantalizing look at the deeper subtexts the series was preparing to explore before its untimely demise. The completed material is expected to be part of “bonus content” – though where and how that content will be available remains unclear. Click below  for the two-and-a-half minute clip.