Han Solo’s Last Flight – Fan Fiction

Han Solo’s Last Flight

by Paul Talon

Han rubbed his face, trying to get the sleep out of his eye.

He had to face it. He had gotten old. He looked around at the Falcon.

It seemed so empty. And it always will.

He looked at his co-pilot seat…now twice emptied.
First Chewbacca oh so long ago, and then…


Lost in the Last Sith War when the Malengi attacked the Senate. (SEE JINNMATRE SAGA: THE LAST SITH WAR)

Han had been thought dead, and most of the time, he wished he had died. He remembers seeing a large light and leaping to cover his love, and then waking up, confused, alone, and clutching a few strands of his wife’s hair.

Han Solo, the toughest SOB in the galaxy had broken down. He had fled to the Falcon and just flew. He never even let his Anakin know that he had survived. Without his wife, and Jacen and Jaina dead, and with Anakin leading the conflict of the Last Sith War, he wouldn’t dream of burdening his young son. It was better if he was thought of as dead.

Han thought back to their reuniting after years of not having any contact.

Anakin had been so excited and happy his father had lived, that it actually bolstered Han’s spirit. Anakin hadn’t even cared that Han hadn’t told him. In his own quiet way, he had understood.

But the reunion didn’t last long. Han soon flew off again in the Falcon chasing himself into twilight.

He finally had found himself in the place where really it had all began.

The Graveyard of Alderaan.

Letting his fingers run through his gray beard, Solo looked out to the rocks and tributes left in space to the millions of dead Alderaanians killed by Tarkin and Leia’s father.

He pulled out a little envelope. He reached inside and pulled out a few strands of hair.

He smelled them and smiled.

Getting up he began to walk towards the airlock, but the cockpit door wouldn’t open.

He smacked it once and watched it slide open.

The Falcon had begun falling into disrepair. Han’s hands were too old to keep up with the big ship and no one else could help him. There were few he would let help anyways…Lando maybe, but he was as old as he was. Sometimes Lando’s kid would help, but Lando’s kid was a young version of Lando and rarely in one place for too long.

Releasing the hair of the Princess into the Graveyard of Alderaan Han teared up and smiled at the same time.

It was quite cathartic.

He walked back towards the cockpit, passing by the bunks where he could still see her beautiful form laying in the arms of a much younger version of himself, passing by the ligthsaber nicks in the hall from his children practicing, by the dejarik table which hadn’t worked in decades, the extra bandolier of Chewie’s that Han had kept as a rememberance and finally past a shut down Threepio.

Amazingly it was Han that had recomissioned a new body for the droid, because there had been no one else left for him to talk to.

But he wasn’t about to let Goldenrod ramble on during this ceremony.

Sitting at the pilot’s controls, Han sighed. It finally had been done. Now what?

Han Solo had no idea. It was long past time for him to fade away…but he had nowhere to fade away to.

He sighed.

Then a beep sounded next to his ears.

“Stang! Gonna give me a heart attack!” he shouted to no one.

He looked and saw that he had an incoming message.

Curious, he opened it up.

And nearly had another one. It was the image of Jacen.

But Jacen is dead!

Jacen’s voice was slow, but unmistakably Jacen.

“Hello father. I know it has been a long time. I wish it could have been sooner…but I need your help.”

It continued giving Han coordinates. Han listened to the message a few times not truly believing it.

He may not be able to fade away, but Han Solo knew what to do when needed. Strapping himself in, he punched in the cooridnates and allowed himself a smile.

Coming to the rescue was something he knew how to do, no matter how old he was.

“Punch it Han!” he said to himself jovially.

And he did.

The Falcon disappeared into the starry sky.

Han’s hands trembled at the controls, almost imperceptibly. He never would admit it of course but it was there.

He always had hated the time in hyperspace. It was much worse now, with no one to at least pass the time with.

He found himself standing and walking out of the cockpit again and staring straight into the face of the only one left who remembers walking through the original Death Star.

Han started to turn Threepio on but paused. He still had pangs of guilt for what had happened to R2-D2. (SEE Balance of the Force: Ep 7-9 and a future upcoming story for more details). Threepio had forgiven him he said, but Han couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Great another way for the protocol droid to annoy him. It was a cruel fate where Threepio would be his best friend left.

His war within himself over being alone or being annoyed suddenly ended when he flicked the switch on.

Threepio jumped to life and looked to Han.

“General Solo! It’s so good to be fully functional. I do thank you for my new plating. It looks wonderful.”

“Thanks Threepio, it’s the least I could do,” he said.

“I see we are on the Millenium Falcon. May I inquire as to where we are going?”

Any smile on Han’s face had slowly left. “Yeah. In fact I want you to check something out for me.”

“Of course General,” beginning to follow Han towards the cockpit.

“Threepio. I”m not a General anymore.”

“Once a General, always a General, sir. It’s only proper etiquette,” Threepio said in his teaching voice.

“To hell with proper etiquette. Just call me…just call me Han,” he said slowly. “Or if you must, call me Captain. I am still that at least,” He said looking fondly over the Falcon.

“Very well Captain Solo. A good compromise,” Threepio chirped. “Now how can I be of assistance?”

Han played back the message for Threepio.

“What do you think goldenrod?”

“Probability that it is Jacen is 99.47% sir.”

“I knew it! It is him!” Han said with a smile. “He needs our help Threepio. And I’m not about to let him down!”

“Oh dear, here we go again!”

He lay in her arms, smelling her hair, holding on tight so that she’d never leave him again when she heard him whisper,

“I never did…”

He kissed her for all he was worth and it wasn’t a tenth of what she deserved.

“Captain Solo?” came a voice in breaking the facade.

“Mmmm?” he said sleepily.

“Captain Solo? I think we’re arriving.”

Han slowly opened his eyes.

“Always interrupting us, goldenrod.” Han said half seriously. “Just fix the damn ship and tell me about it later,” he continued under his breath with a nostalgic grin.

“Excuse me sir?” Threepio asked, clearly confused.

“I said tell me what shape we’re in before I prove that Wookies aren’t the only ones who tear droid’s arms from their sockets.”

“Sir! I do think…,” the droid started then sighed. “We’re arriving at your preprogrammed destination.

Han looked at the coordinates and then looked out the view port.

“Dorin. I haven’t been here in quite awhile. No one comes here much, they see to that.” he said pointing out towards the neighboring black holes that seemed to surround the planet.

He didn’t have to wait long before his comm crackled to life.

“Unidentified freighter, this is Dorin Ground Control. Please identify yourself and state your intentions,” a young voice full of importance.

Instinctively he almost gave them the name of Vykk Drago, an old alias, but he then realized…He had no reason to lie. It felt good to be able to just come out with the truth.

“This is Captain Han Solo of the Millemium Falcon. I’m here to find my son.”

“Captain Solo? Wow…” came the young voice back as quickly. “Can I say I’m a big fan, sir? You’re a legend!”

Han shook his head….”oh boy.” Going back to the comm, “Don’t let it get around kid, it might go to my head.”

“Yes sir! You may dock at 31765A, free of charge sir!”

Han Solo had never turned down free in his life.

“Thanks kid. Solo out.”

“Ground control out.”

It was good to be a legend at times, especially when young and easily influenced fans worked at places such as these. Solo landed the ship a little shakily, as one of the landing thrusters had been sparking and shorting a bit. Something he’d have to get to.

“C’mon Threepio, you’re coming with me.”

“Sir, do you have to go to one of those establishements you always seem to go to?”

Han looked at him for a moment. “This time it’s not my fault. It’s where Jacen said we could meet him!”

Threepio sighed as Han smiled and shrugged. “Like I said goldenrod…not my fault!”

They walked towards the cantina Jacen had left for him in the message. Han had known it well. He had come here a few times after Chewie had been killed. He’d even been thrown out once or twice.

Upon arriving, he decided maybe it was better to keep a low profile afterall. He looked but didn’t see Jacen anywhere and asked Threepio to check as well.

“R2 always used to scan, Captain Solo.”

“Well he’s not here so do your best.”

“Yes sir.”

Han sat down at a table to wait. He ordered a Corellian ale and sat back wondering how long it would be.

It wasn’t long at all.

A tall man sat down suddenly right with Han before he could move. He quickly looked him up and down before recognizing the face and settling back with his drink.

“I thought you were retired Karrde.”

“I thought the same of you Solo,” Karrde said with a sly grin.

Han chuckled, “I guess us scoundrel smugglers never really retire do we?”

Karrde sipped his drink. “I prefer to think of myself as a…privateer.”

“What’s the difference?” Han asked sincerely.

“Manners,” Karrde answered. “Speaking of which, can I buy you a drink?”

“Already got one, thanks,” Han said not missing a beat.

“You might need another one.”

Han felt his heart drop. He put his drink down. “Do you know something Karrde?”

“Solo, you wound me. Have you ever known me not to know something?”

“Ok, Karrde spill it. What do you know about my son?”

“Are you sure it’s your son, Solo?”

“Yes, I recognized his voice, and Threepio here put it at a 99.9999999% possibility, good enough for me.”

Threepio sat up straight, “Actually sir, I said it was 99.47%, to be precise.”

“Shut up goldenrod!” Han snapped without looking at him.

“Shutting up sir,” Threepio went back to silent mode.

Karrde looked back and forth between them. “Some things never change. Well I’m glad to hear your confirmation. None of the sources I tried could corroborate fully. He left me a message to give to you.”


“Yes, obviously he knows a few things as well…” Karrde said drifting off.

“Such as you have some kind of base here?” Han asked with a touch of pride in his voice.

“Come now Solo, I may consider you a friend, but even friends don’t get information like that for free.”

“What’s the message?”

“‘Follow me alone to my death.’”

“That’s it?” Han asked dismayed. He didn’t know quite what to make of it.

“That’s it,” Karrde said. “I hoped you’d be able to tell me.”

“Well thanks Karrde. I appreciate it,” Han said standing up.

“You’re leaving?” Karrde asked seeming surprised.

“Yeah. Whatever I’m going to do, at least for now it’s got to be alone.”

Karrde nodded his head and flipped Han a comm. “That’s set up to my private link. If you decide you need help, don’t hesitate like you always do, alright?”

Han smiled. “Hey Karrde. Thanks. For everything.”

Karrde nodded.

Threepio and Han walked back to the Falcon and went aboard.

“Now what Captain Solo?” Threepio asked the former smuggler as he warmed up the engines and got clearance to take off.

“Easy Threepio. We go to Jacen.”

“But you just said you didn’t know where he meant?”

Han shook his head grinning. “It’s gonna be hard enough shaking Karrde’s men without letting him know where we’re going.”

Threepio digested that. “But why would Karrde send men after us? I thought he was a friend.”

“The most loyal of. And that’s the problem. He’s not one to let a refusal of help stop him from sending help…especially after a smuggler who just turned…eigh..se..” looking around, “sixty.”

Threepio looked around, “Who?”

Han nearly smacked the droid on the back of his head. “Sit down Threepio. We’re going to the place Jacen “died”. We’re going to Zonama Sekot.”

Han sent Threepio back to check on a bumping noise he “heard” in the back of the Falcon.

Sometimes he wondered if he shouldn’t have left him turned off.

Well, he’d need him at some point.

Right this second he needed peace. He wanted to concentrate.

Why did Jacen wait so long to contact him?

A voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like his wife told him,

Because he’s as stubborn as you are ya big lug.

Han laughed at that. Jacen definitely inherited his stubborness, but Han wasn’t ready to concede that it all came from him. His mother wasn’t exactly pliable.

He didn’t like coming to this living world. To be honest it kind of creeped him out. He wasn’t in touch with the Force like virtually everybody in his family so he didn’t understand fully why the world was so important.

But that wouldn’t stop him.

The reversion into real space was a little rough. He was going to have to subject the Falcon to a work through by a mechanic other than him soon, as much as it made his heart hurt. He once swore that he would die first before someone else got to tinker with the Falcon, but he knew it wouldn’t make it another year without some outside help.

When he hit reversion, he flew right into a squadron of Uglies, cobbled together fighters which mixed together different parts from different bases of fighters, which began to open fire immediately.

“Stang! Pirates!” he swore loudly, “Hang on back there!” he yelled to Threepio as he threw the Falcon into a dive.

There were about six Uglies full in pursuit as he juked left and right, feeling blasts his his hindquarters.

He couldn’t believe how hard it was getting. These pirates were getting good!

It couldn’t be that he was…


Concentrate, nerfherder


Oldest trick in the book. Slamming on his brakes he watched as four out of the six flew past him. The other two weren’t falling for it, but it let him start firing back at the ones in front of him.

These guys weren’t so tough afterall. After a matter of moments, the four in front were scrap metal and the ones behind were starting to fly nervously as the Falcon began picking up speed as she juked up, down, left, right. They couldn’t get a bead on her.

Now this was the Han Solo that Han remembered being. He smiled easily.

He loved it.

The danger, the outmaneuvering. Everything.

The nervousness of the pilots behind him would eventually cause them to make a mistake.

When it did, Han was ready to pounce. After a few more moments, space was safe again. Threepio finally entered the cockpit covered in wires, tools, and various metal scraps.

“Sir, if you would be so kind, I would appreciate a little more warning before you decide to use the spacecraft as an amusement park ride.”

“You didn’t throw up did ya?” Han quipped.

“Sir, you know quite well it is physically…” Threepio started.

“Yes Threepio. Now zip it, while I get ready to fly in.”

Threepio sat in the seat behind Han as he knew better than to sit in the co-pilot’s chair.

Han found Zonoma Sekot and began to search for the platform nearest the place where Anakin had dueled with his twin siblings.

Then the planet took over. Han found himself no longer in control of the Falcon.

He didn’t like that but had no choice as the Falcon drifted slowly to the surface.

Han shook his head slowly.

“Damn Force.”

Landing on the platform, he opened the ship up, checked his blaster and slowly made his way down the landing ramp.

He grabbed for his blaster immediately as a large shape jumped in front of him. It was a Vong!

The Vong stopped and bowed.

“Welcome to the blessed world, Captain Solo.”

Han holstered his weapon and sighed. He didn’t think that he’d ever get used to the fact that these guys weren’t the enemy anymore.

“Sorry, it’s been a tricky trip,” Han offered

“Understandable Captain. Being prepared keeps one alive. My name is Volik Graa. I am one of those who you helped free. For that I am forever in your debt,” Graa said. Graa had a scar running over his entire face starting with the upper left temple and working to teh right side of his chin. He also had several puncture marks together at other areas of his face. Half an ear as well as his top lip were missing.

“Well, we all did our part,” Han said. “How did you know I was coming?”

“The world told me to bring you to the temple, when you arrived.”

“World, right. I don’t have time to go to any temple, My son is in danger.”

“We know. He is here. He would like you to go to the temple.”

Han took a deep breath at that information.

“What are we waiting for. Threepio, c’mon!”

Graa bristled at the sight of the droid who was hiding back on the ramp.

Han turned to Graa. “Hard for you still too, huh?”

Graa smiled grimly causing his scarred face to look even worse.

“Yes, to us it is hard to assimilate as well.”

“Let’s go.”

Threepio fell in well behind the two and to Han’s other side, staying as far away from Graa as possible.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” he muttered to himself as they walked towards the temple.

Han slowly entered the temple. It was darker than he expected, but full of energy. Energy that even he could feel. He couldn’t imagine what a Jedi would feel like here.

The tall walls reached up to a ceiling not quite visible.

Han felt uneasy. This was one area that was definitely not in his area of expertise.

He saw a shape at the far end of the hall and felt Graaa fall back behind him.

Squinting, he couldn’t quite make it out.

Damn light in here

As he got closer the shape came more and more into focus.

It was Jacen as he always remembered him. Tears forming in his eyes he began to run up to embrace his son so tightly and tell him he would never lose him again.

But when he almost got to him, Jacen stepped back and made a sad face.

“I’m sorry to appear to you like this, but I am not who you think I am.”

Han stopped in shock. He had heard of this.


Han was heartbroken…again.

The image of Jacen nodded slowly. “Yes.”

“But Graa told me he was here…I mean,” Han sighed audibly and he almost lost himself. “So you gave the message to Karrde.

“On the contrary Captain Han Solo,” Jacen’s image smiled.

“The real Jacen is indeed here.”

Han’s head whipped up. “Where is he!? Take me to him or I swear I’ll go dig up the Death Star Plans myself and go Empire on your world…”

The image shook his head slightly but smiled. “I understand your passion. But please, calm yourself. Jacen asked me to meet you first because I must prepare you.”

“Prepare me?” Han’s mind and heart began racing. “Is he okay?”

“Yes. For now. The rest might depend on you. He is not quite the same boy you remember. A lot happened to him when the brothers clashed on my mountains.”

Han simply didn’t care. He just wanted to see his son.

“Alright, I’m prepared. He’s different. Please, just let me see him…”

Threepio took this in with wonder. He had never seen Han Solo beg before. It was a new experience.

The image nodded and relented.

A door opened behind him and the image motioned for Han to enter.

Threepio began to follow him when Zonama stopped him. “This is not meant for your circuits interpreter.”

Han didn’t even hear that. He was already out the door.

There was a large tree full of brightly colored flowers in a large garden of sorts. Underneath this large tree was a large rock. Perched on that large rock was…

Jacen. At least Han thought. He looked different. He looked older. He had a long brown beard which flowed to the middle of his chest and long brown hair that cascaded over his face, and shoulders. But it was his eyes that were different. They reminded Han of Jaina’s. Piercing, and stormy.

Jacen opened his eyes and Han could see he was exhausted beyond belief and had been crying.

“Hello, father.”

Han grabbed his son and held him tighter than he could have imagined possible.

“I’m never going to lose you again, son…I promise you that!”

Father and son reunited again.

The galaxy was bright again like the flash of a bolt of lightning…but like a storm, after the brightness of the lightning would come the omnious boom of the thunder.

Han slowly backed away from Jacen’s embrace just to look the kid over.

“How?” was all Han could think to say.

Whatever joy Jacen had in this reunion was washed away by one word as he visibly sank back into a chasm without end.

“This is a hard story for me to tell. Especially to someone untrained in the Force,” he began as he sat back down on the rock.

Han tried to give the kid a cocky half grin but under the circumstances, it wasn’t quite as reassuring as usual. “I’ve been dealing with all this Jedi stuff for years. Try me.”

Jacen’s cool eyes looked into his father. “I barely understand it all myself…”

He stopped and took a deep breath before trying to continue.

Han put a hand on his shoulder but Jacen instinctively backed away. “Please, dad, I can’t have you touch me anymore…at least not yet.”

Han hurt for a moment, but trained gambler as he was, he showed his sabacc face. He nodded.

“When Anakin was…lost…to the Dark Side, Jaina and I thought it was our responsibility to bring him back, like Uncle Luke brought back his father…his Anakin. We both had touched the dark side ourselves at time, but never fully as he had. We couldn’t believe he would fall so far. We made the mistake of seeing him as our kid brother…someone we always looked out for and always protected.

We were mistaken. We tracked him down and forced him to land here. On Zonama Sekot, and hoped the Living Force could assist us in our quest of reclaiming Anakin.”

Han was fighting back tears. But no one would have been able to tell.

Except her, of course

Jacen stood on the rock and felt the wind blow through his long hair.

“Anakin didn’t care. He had become a machine…a monster who knew our weaknesses. He taunted us. He tried to turn us. He fought us with everything he had. Our mistake was…we didn’t. We were holding back.

The longer we fought meant more time for him to get under our skin. Jaina especially. It was worse on Jaina. She had gone to the Dark Side because she had lost Anakin and me. That connection would be her downfall. My dark side experience was in study. Theory. Self discovery. Anakin couldn’t touch that. But he could touch Jaina. He got Jaina as mad as I’ve seen her. He attacked her even harder than he attacked me and I realized it was because she was fighting back. She was giving him what he wanted!

If only I could have realized sooner!” he snapped and shook his head violently.

Han waited for Jacen to work this out, knowing that trying to say something would only make things worse.

“Jaina let loose with a torrent of Force Lightning. She was so angry that she was going to kill Anakin!

Don’t you see? She had started back down the path to the Darkside! She let her anger control her. She misstepped. Anakin plunged his lightsaber through her chest.”

Han’s sabacc face was broken. His daughter! He never heard the story because Anakin would never talk about it. His baby girl!


“That was the problem. He killed her while she was traveling down the dark path dad! Her spirt couldn’t join the living Force! She was a tainted Jedi at that moment! Do you understand?”

He could tell that Han had no idea what he was talking about as hard as he tried.

“Dad. There was an explosion of the Force when Jaina died. She didn’t just disappear like the Jedi do. Her soul was in torment!”

“What do you mean ‘was in torment’?” Han said quickly as if he could try to help her still.

Jacen looked at his dad with eyes as tired as a body clinging to deadwood on the ocean.

“She was trapped between death and the beyond. Anakin thought I died then as well. The explosion had knocked me so hard that I entered a Force hibernation so powerful that my body functions stopped.

Anakin left me to die then and there. But Zonama wouldn’t let me. She took care of me and nursed me back to health.

But when I woke. I had changed. I felt Jaina! But I felt such anger at Anakin. At the Jedi. At myself. I didn’t know how it was possible, so I looked within myself searching for the bond.

It was in me, dad…It was then I remembered Kyp’s story about Exar Kun and it made sense. When Jaina died, her anger did sustain her long enough. Her anger wouldn’t let her join the living Force and instead it anchored itself to the one living being it already had a great connection with…me.”

“What are you saying Jacen? Jaina is alive in you?”

“No…but a remnant of her is. Her anger is hooked into me…and it’s beginning to control me. It’s not conscious. It just knows it’s anger at Anakin and the Jedi and wants them all dead. It’s not Jaina anymore, it’s how she was feeling when she died…but it is powerful. This was Jaina’s greatest power, the ability to convince people she was right.”

“Like her mother,” Han whispered, with a sad smile.

“Yes, like mom, but more powerful in the Force. It’s all I can do not to fly off to find Anakin and kill him. To not fly off and destroy the Jedi temple.

I…I…almost did. A few times. That is why I had to fly away. Try to release Jaina. Try to free her…and in turn free myself. I’m sorry I didn’t contact you before but I thought it would harm me.”

“Well why didn’t you contact Kyp…if anyone alive could help you it would be him?”

“No dad. He’s a Jedi. Jaina blamed the Jedi order for allowing Anakin to turn. Her base anger wanted them to suffer as well!”

“But…how can I help?”

“I’m not sure dad, but there was a man I found. He wasn’t exactly a Jedi, but he did know the Force. He suggested that the only person to be able to help me would be somebody close to me, that loved us all. Maybe he could help me defeat this demon…or at least take care of me if he couldn’t,” Jacen finished looking down. “I can’t tell you how…but I know he was right.”

Han sat down on the rock next to his son who blankly stared off into space.

“I always had help with the Jedi business. Luke, your mother, Anakin, even Kyp. But now it looks like the ol’ dog’s gonna have to learn a new trick. We’ll figure it out kid.”

I just wish I knew how?

Han let go and looked his son right in the eye.

“We’ll get through this, kid. Trust me. Now let’s talk. I don’t know too much about this jedi mumbo jumbo, but this sounds kind of similar to what happened to Kyp and also a little what happened between the Emperor and Mara. Is that right?”

Jacen shrugged his shoulders. “I think so. I mean, it’s hard to know how they felt, when I don’t even know how much it affects me?”

“Well, why don’t we ask Kyp and see…” Han began but dropped down looking at the fire and ice warring in his son’s eyes.

“No.” he said simply.

Han sat in silence for a moment, almost as if he had to wait for his son to return.

“Sorry, dad. I can’t ask the Jedi. They are part of the difficulty. For some reason, I…it…her…whatever, makes me feel like the jedi order is at fault for losing Anakin. I’m afraid what will happen if I ask the Jedi.”

“But you just said, you’ve been working with an older Jedi…”

Jacen smirked. “He hates the order as much as I do. I think he gets around it that way.”

Han frowned. “Who is this guy?”

Jacen shook his head. “He wishes to remain anonymous for now.”

“How do you know you can trust him?”

“I know dad. I just know,” Jacen said meeting his father’s questioning gaze and not flinching.

Han let it go although he ached to push on it.

“What if I ask?” Han thought suddenly.

“They’ll ask you why. And you’ll have to tell them. And then they will feel compelled to come rescue me…they’re jedi, that’s what they do.”

Han snorted. “You’re right there.”

“Maybe I can do it without telling them?”

Jacen lifted his head and Han saw some hope. Father’s could always give that to their child, no matter the age.


“Well if I remember Luke started archiving everything that happened to the Jedi…so wouldn’t this stuff be in the archives? I may not be a Jedi, but I do have some pull with some of those higherups. If they let me into the archives, maybe I can find a thing or two out.”

Jacen thought for a moment…and smiled. “That could work. It’s a good starting point anyways. But hurry dad, I don’t know how much longer I can keep this from surfacing.”

“Alright, son…I’ll be back.”

“May the Force be with you, dad.”

Hokey religion, huh. Who would have thought

“May the Force be with you, Jacen.”

Han turned and ran as quick as his eighty year old body would let him.

Han and 3PO flew into the Coruscant system and landed at their usual landing pad.

Han wasted no time in heading directly for the Jedi Temple.

Raised after the war with the Yuzhaan Vong, the temple was an exact replica of the Old Republic’s Temple.

Han didn’t think that was such a good idea, considering what happened to those Jedi, but his arguments fell on deaf ears.

He was still famous enough that he didn’t need to be cleared by anybody. He knew he would never be able to trick a Jedi into letting him into the archives. he had to go straight to the top.

Anakin or Kyp.

Either way presented a tricky challenge. Anakin knew him too well, Kyp knew him pretty well also.

Han decided he couldn’t face Anakin right now after everything he just went through with Jacen so he walked up to Kyp’s chambers and knocked on the door.


Han walked in slowly and saw Kyp standing out on his balcony overlooking the vast city outside.

“Hiya kid.”

Kyp smiled as he turned. “I haven’t been a kid for about twenty years now.

“You’ll always be a kid to me, Kyp.”

Kyp smiled. “What can I do for you Han? You should be out enjoying retired life!”

“I am. Truly. But I…as you know…I need your permission to access the Jedi archives.”

Kyp’s eyebrows raised.

“What would you need with the archives?”

“You see, Kyp,” Han began almost nervously. He made himself calm down although he knew Kyp could tell. “You know I’ve been making a sort of memorial for Leia. I know she wasn’t much of a Jedi Knight, really…but it was a part of who she was.”

Kyp nodded, without expression, before indicating that Han should go on.

“Luke mentioned a sort of ancient ritual that was special to his family, that had something to do with the Force. Without Luke around, no one would know, but I’m sure he kept an record of it. I really think Leia would want it included.”

Kyp thought for a moment.

Then he smiled and clapped Han on the shoulder.

“Well then, why don’t I call Anakin up and he can help you, I’m sure that…”

Han interjected with a wave of his hand, “No! I’m sorry. But I really need to do this alone. It’s truly personal. I don’t want Anakin involved.

Kyp thought for a moment, before resigning, “Whatever you need, Han, the Jedi are more than willing to help. You’ve been a great helpt to us, we can only hope to repay a portion of our debt. Here is a identichip, that has my access codes keyed into it. These will let you go through anything you’d like. Do you need the archive droids help?”

Han smiled and indicated 3PO who was unusually silent. “That’s why goldenrod’s here.”

Kyp smiled and nodded. “Very well. Good luck Han.”

“Thanks Kyp.” Han turned around and walked slowly, trying not to limp on a knee which had been getting progressively more achy.

Kyp’s smile remained until Han had left the room. He waited a few more moments and then walked to his desk comm. Keying in a code, he awaited a buzz indicating a retruned message.


“Yeah Kyp?” came a voice breaknig through the static.

“I need your help on something. Can you come to my quarters immediately?” Kyp asked hurriedly.

“Of course. I’ll be up momentarily.” the voice answered before clicking.

Han may not want help. But he was getting old. Who knew what Han was thinking? But he had been hit hard over the years. Kyp wouldn’t blame him if he’d gone senile.

Kyp would help him, whether or not he needed help

Han spent the lift ride up to the archives cursing himself. Could he have been less smooth? That’s why Leia was the diplomat. He always got what he wanted with his blaster, and if it were a woman, with a smile.

Neither would’ve worked on Kyp. He figured he was going to be at least partially watched, so he had to throw them off with a little genuine study on Jedi death traditions. At least it was death traditions, therefore he didn’t need to find an excuse to deal with looking at Jedi or Lost Jedi deaths.

Han glanced over at Threepio who was still silent. So silent, that it actually unnerved him. He couldn’t believe it. He had grown so used to his chattering and telling the droid to shut up that when he wasn’t doing it it made him nervous!

“Well Goldenrod, you ready for this?”

Threepio stayed quiet.


Again Threepio said nothing. It was then that Han thought back to right before they walked into Kyp’s chambers. He laughed.

“Threepio, when I ordered you to keep your mouth shut, I meant, in front of Kyp.”

Threepio turned to Han. “Well really, I don’t know how I am supposed to infer the duration of your orders without specific direction!”

“Ok shut up again.”

Han walked out of the lift and up to the head of the Archives. Showing him the identichip, he was allowed right in.

He whistled low as he looked at the volumes of datapads inside.

“Hang on Jacen, this could take a bit,” He whispered.


Anakin Solo had been working on some more atonement meditaiton. No matter how it happened, he still more and more felt guilty at what had happened to his siblings and he would continuously work to atone for his mistake.

But Kyp sounded…interesting to say the least. Anakin had tried to read him thorugh the Force, but there was a reason Kyp was the head of the Council.

It was on the lift ride up, that Anakin had noted a more familiar presence.

Dad was here? What was he doing back?

Anakin had a bad feeling about this…

Upon reaching Kyp’s chambers, Anakin readied himself before entering. He half expected to see his father there, so he was taken aback that Kyp was the room’s sole occupant.

“Good afternoon, Anakin.”

“Master,” Anakin said nodding. “Where’s my father?”

Kyp smiled, “Always to the point. He’s in the archives.”

Anakin frowned. “The archives? What is he doing in there?”

Kyp smiled. “That’s why you’re here. He claims he is looking up an ancient Jedi Funeral Custom to use for your mother, bud I don’t buy it. I asked if he wanted you up here, but he said he wanted to do this alone.”

Anakin frowned. Had he disappointed his father that much over the coures of the past decade?

“So what is the course of action?”

“We wait and see what he accesses, I use your brain to try to decipher what he’s doing or planning, and act accordingly.”

Kyp sat on his couch and waved at a screen to come down from the ceiling.

“Access the Security cameras in the Archives. Access Code, Rogue-0208.”

The archives came up and they saw Han and Threepio pouring over datapads.

Anakin sat and waited.


Jacen grew impatient…his anger grew stronger.

Han and Threepio began pouring over every piece of data they could find. Han knew that Luke had been scouring the galaxy looking for even rumored stories of the Jedi past and present, but Han had no idea how much he had scavenged.

He looked at some of the names of places and Jedi as he leafed through the information.

“Neiran Faranir? Stargazer? Branson? Alraina? Ossinian? Stang! How many of these blasted Jedi are there? El-Ra? Marinn? Any luck Threepio?”

“Well, I have found some of Master Durron’s comments on his dreadful situation with Exar Kun.”

“Keep it! Anything else? Anything on Mara and the Emperor’s Hand ideal she went through?”

“Negative sir. I do have some things on Zonama Sekot.” Threepio said continuing to rife through data.

“Keep ‘em. I don’t trust the planet fully.”

Han moved towards a much larger section. This was Luke’s personal datapads on everyone he met. Han was tempted to find his name and get Luke’s view on himself, but that would be for later.

He scanned through the names looking for those that might be helpful: Antilles, Calrissian, Captison, Celchu, Durron. He set Durron aside and perused further to find Mara. Fett, Horn, Janson, Karrde, Kenobi, Klivian, Lanan, Lars, Mothma, Palpatine, Rendar, Skywlalker Clan, Solo Clan (he pulled both of those off the shelves), Windham…

Doxy? he thought to himself. Haven’t thought of him for awhile… Shaking his head of nostalgia he brought his findings to Threepio so they could pore over it.


“What is he doing looking at that?” Kyp asked motioning towards his own discourse.

He hated remembering it himself, yet here was Han immersing himself in it.

“I don’t know Kyp. He’s got a unique collection,” Anakin said shaking his head in bewilderment.

“Well, I can confirm this isn’t about a funeral ritual,” Kyp said quickly. “I’m worried your father is in over his head with whatever it is he’s dealing with.”

“When isn’t he?” quipped Anakin.

Kyp returned the smile, “Yeah. As long as I can remember he’s been outrunning trouble. But now he’s a lot older than he used to be…and he doesn’t have Chewbacca or your mother to keep him in check.”

“Did you get the trajectory from where the Falcon came in?”

“My contacts with security, have guaged that it is probable the Faclon came from the vicinity of Zonama Sekot.” Kyp said with a frown. “That reinforces my suspicions. Anything involved with that planet is going to require someone sensitive to the Force to be involved.”

Anakin nodded. “I should tell him.”

“No. Don’t disilluision him. I want you to to go to Zonama Sekot and figure out what’s goin on. I wish I knew why Han was leaving us out of the loop,” Kyp said in thought.

“Well, maybe he has a reason? Maybe we shouldn’t jump the gun,” Anakin said looking at his father, hoping to believe in him like he did as a kid.

Kyp looked at Han. “Your father is one of the best men I have ever known. But he has been through so much now. I felt him here in the office. I think he’s slowly losing touch with reality, Anakin. I’m sorry to have to tell you that, but I need you to realize, He’s not quite the Han Solo you used to worship.”

Anakin stood up straight. “My dad’s going crazy?”

Kyp shook his head. “No, I worded that poorly. I just think he feels he has nothing left to lose. He lost Chewie. He lost Jaina and Jacen, he lost you twice, even though he regained you, and now he’s lost your mother. I’m not sure what’s left of the man but a broken shell.”

Anakin nodded.

“Alright Kyp. I’ll fly to Zonama Sekot immediately to see what I can find out.”

Anakin turned and walked directly to his fighter. It had been awhile since he visited Sekot.

It always made for an interesting voyage.

It was like falling into a whirlpool…He watched as his life was twisting and turning, falling lower and lower…sinking into darkness.

Jacen opened his eyes and opened up to Zonama Sekot. It was one of the only things to keep him sane at this point.

“Release it, Jacen. Release the anger of Jaina,” Sekot spoke to him.

“I can’t! I’ve tried!”

“Can’t…or won’t?”


Anakin spent most of the journey lost in thought.

He thought about his father. His brother. His sister.

He couldn’t figure out what his father was doing. His father never did anything in regards to the Force without someone else being involved. In fact, he harbored a suspicion that deep down his father hated the Force. And why not? All three of his children were lost to the dark side for awhile…and it always seemed the Dark side of the Force was to blame for every mistake. For someone not attuned to the Force the way the Jedi were it was easy to see why the Force could be considered a burden.

So if he wouldn’t do anything with the Force on his own…who was he working with? Anakin was the only Jedi left that Han had a real connection with truly.

Then he arrived.

Zonama Sekot. He didn’t like coming here anymore. It reminded him too much of his fall. And of his sins.

It hurt him so much to remember murdering his siblings. So much so, that he had shut it out completely and could barely remember the details.

That’s when the dark wave hit him.

It was a darkness he had never in his life felt, not even when he had fallen.

The Dark Side was strong on Zonama Sekot!

Then he saw them. Thirty Sekot ships coming up after him…and firing!

“Come in Come in! This is Jedi Master Anakin Solo calling! Abort! Abort!”

He juked his X-Wing to the right and then back again.

It was then he noticed.

There were no pilots!

Anakin flew as best as he could and entered Sekot’s atmosphere.

The ships had followed, but a few of them had twisted and turned so quickly that they entered in a tailspin. As soon as it began, they just dropped out of the sky as if they were never flying in the first place.

He called out to the Force, trying to figure out what was behind the attack. He even tried to contact Sekot itself when he heard a voice…or two? He couldn’t distinguish. It was like two people, speaking at the same time but with the same voice.


Out of the corner of his eye he saw a ship rising into space and disappear.

The fighters chasing him suddenly stopped.

For some reason that made him feel worse.

It was time to talk to Sekot.

Han and Threepio had gotten everything that Han thought they might be able to use and more. He thanked the Jedi assistant and moved towards the door.

He still wasn’t sure how to help Jacen, but with all the information at hand, he knew they’d figure it out.

He supposed he should say goodbye to Kyp and at least say hello to Anakin while he was here, but he didn’t trust himself. There would be time enough for that later, he thought.

That is why he was so surprised that when he went to board the Falcon he walked right into Kyp Durron.

“Kyp!” he said in shock.

Kyp looked grim. “Han. I can’t let you leave.”

Han’s eyes went from bewildered to steel.

“You can’t? You’re assuming you have a say in what I do.”

“Han, listen. Whatever you’re involved with…well you need help.”

“Help? I’ve been solving problems since before you were a movement in your dadddy’s pants there kiddo. Don’t tell me I need help.”

To his credit Kyp didn’t twitch. “But this is the Force.”

“No! This is something personal. And I’d appreciate you keeping out of it.”

Kyp shook his head. “I saw what you were looking up Han.”

“You spied on me?” Han asked amazed.

“Yes. I do what’s necessary. You taught me that, remember?” Kyp said with an edge.

“I sure as hell wasn’t talking about me!” Han retorted.

“But whatever you are dealing with and whomever is afflicted, you need Jedi help. And it’s already in motion.”

Han stopped suddenly.

“What do you mean, in motion?”

“Han, it’s not hard to figure out where you came from. We’re Jedi. I’ve sent a Jedi out ahead to scope the situation.”

“What?! You what? But..I mean…this Jedi,” Han began.

“Anakin, Han. I sent Anakin, he can be discreet and he wants to help you.”

Han nearly blew a gasket.

“Anakin!? Anakin is on his way? Now i have to leave,” he yelled putting his hand on his blaster.

“Han, why? I can’t let you…” and then something happened which Kyp had never let happen before. He left his guard down.

And Han took advantage. With a mighty swing Han landed a shot with the butt end of the blaster and knocked the Jedi Master unconscious.

“Sorry, kid. You don’t know what you did.”

Han boarded the Falcon and powered her up.

Han hoped he could avoid a catastrophe and get his family back together again.

Admiral Lakin was looking over reports, trying to find a new base of operations. He never got over the crushing defeat that took place at the hands of the Jedi.

Saran and the rest of the Jedi would pay somedays. Sure it let him be the supreme commander of the Malengi remnants. But that was no gift now. It took all of him to keep the armada together despite advancements on weapons that could have changed the war in the hands of the Sith.

His door whooshed open.

He didn’t turn, but merely waved off the newcomer. “I told you I don’t want to be disturbed right now, so…”

He couldn’t say anything more as he was up in the air gasping for air as he clawed at his neck.

“You’re relieved of duty Admiral.”

The Admiral’s last sight was his team of ten guards outside his door sprawled out dead outside his door.



Anakin collapsed into a heap onto the giant rock his brother had sat on only hours ago. Reaching out to the Force, he finally felt Jacen’s presence and knew Sekot was telling the truth.

“How?” he asked face full of confusion.

“It seems he was not as dead as you thought,” Skeot said simply.

“That’s great!” he said ecstatically.

“Yeah kid, it’s great,” came a voice from behind him.

“Dad!” Anakin leapt up and ran at him to hug him. Everything that had happened was forgotton for a moment as father and son reunited.

Then the gravity of the moment returned.

“What is it Dad?”

“You Jedi! You always think you’re so much better than everyone, that only you can handle a threat!”

Anakin had the decency to remain quiet.

Han continued, “I specifically told Kyp not to get you invovled!”

“But dad, you were going to keep Jacen’s being alive from me?” Anakin asked.

“For now, yes. You don’t understand, son.”

Han went on to explain the situtation to which Anakin became more and more glum.

“This is why I didn’t want to tell you yet. And this is why I have to handle this.”

“No Dad. I understand your reasoning, but I made this…I have to see it through,” Anakin said resoloutely.

Han felt himself caught. On one hand, he knew how dangerous this whole thing would be, especially with Anakin around. On the other he knew what he would do if someone told him not to go along. Maybe it was better to take him along where he could monitor the situation rather than be caught unawares.

“Alright. You can come with me, but you are under my orders. I’m the Captain here, understand?”

Anakin nodded.

“Do you know where he went?” Anakin asked.

“No, son. But i have an idea on who might be able to help us!” Han said clapping Anakin on the back.

Talon Karrde sat behind his desk. Looking over his latest reports of goings on in the Unknown Sector with the Chiss and their border dispute, he waited patiently for his guests to arrive. He knew it would be a matter of time.

The door to his office chimed and he buzzed it open.

“Yes, Chin?”

“Captain Solo and his son.”

“Thank you Chin, you may leave us alone.”

“Aye Aye sir.”

Han and Anakin walked quickly into the room and sat down in the chairs in front of Talon’s desk as he indicated.

“What can I do for you gentlemen?” Talon asked cutting to the chase.

“I know you Talon,” Han began. “I know you know at least for the most part what’s going on. Why else would you have given me this communicator unless it was a way for you to keep tabs on me?”

He pulled out the comm Talon had handed him at the cantina and grinned.

Talon smirked. “I knew you would know, and gambled that you wouldn’t care. Now the question is, did you find the other tracer?”

Han’s grin fled. “Other tracer?”

“Not important,” Karrde cut him off. “What is important is, yes I know why you’re hear. Or at least I’m 90% sure. Your son Jacen. You want to know where he went after he left Zonama.”

“Yes.” Anakin said quietly. “I must find him.”

Karrde looked at Anakin with no small amount of pity.
Glancing back at the elder Solo, “I will give you the coordinates on one condition.”

“What’s that?”

“You let me send two ships with you.”

“Why?” Han asked.

“Two reasons. Both of which are unecessary for you to know. Those are my stated conditions. Do you want the coordinates or not.”

Han knew it wasn’t worth the time it would take to bargain.


Talon handed the coordinates over to Han who immediately shot up and began heading for the Falcon, shouting words of thanks over his shoulder.

Prepping the Falcon he received a communique from Karrde’s people.

It told him that ships following him, the Stargazer and the Iblis would be awaiting his departure and already had the coordinates.

Exiting the ship, the Faclon saw the two accompanying ship and turned to enter hyperspace. As soon as Anakin plotted a course, Han punched it.

A few hours in hyperspace had caused Anakin to go back into the hold meditate leaving Han alone in the cockpit.

What was he getting into now? What did Jacen get into now.

This is when he missed Leia the most. Looking over at the empty co-pilot seat, he sighed. Closing his eyes, he could see her, smiling, smacking him, looking at him in wonder and disbelief as he pulled another stunt.

“How am I gonna figure this one out, your worshipfulness?”

He could almost hear her response. Same way you always do, 75% an insanely ingenious stunts, and 25% complete Solo luck.

He smiled.


Standing on the bridge, he monitored the execution of his plans.

A voice brought him to attention.

“Sir! We have three vessels appearing out of hyperspace sir. Shall I send a squadron out to destroy them?”

With a hand the commanding officer shut his subordinate up.

“No.” Pausing for a moment he glanced at the view screen intently. “Tractor beam them into the hold. I will deal with them myself.”

“Yes sir!”

Jacen pulled his hood up over his head so the Malengi wouldn’t see the tears start to flow.

“Why are we still moving towards the fleet, Dad?” Anakin asked quietly?

“Ahh, we’re caught in a tractor beam. It’s pulling us in!” Han said trying to find a way out.

“There’s gotta be something you can do.” Anakin said gently.

“There’s nothin’ I can do kid, I’m in full power. I’m going to have to shut down.”

“Alright. There are alternatives to fighting free. Jacen is here. I can feel him.”

There was a time when Han wouldn’t have understood. That time was a long long time ago…in a galaxy far far away from where they had gotten to now.

“What is he doing with this fleet?” he asked alound, not really wanting an answer. He flipped on the communicator. “You guys know about this? You’re boss know about this?”

“Negative. I had no idea,” came a familiar voice.

“I’m surprised to hear your voice. Aren’t you getting a little old to get personally involved?” Han asked.

“I was bored. And wherever you go, boredom flees in terror.”

Han flicked off the communicator.

“Karrde. He didn’t need to come.”

Anakin nodded.

The ships landed on the docking bay and were instructed to power down. Han didn’t like it but he had no choice.

“We have to find Jacen, even if we have to shoot our way out.”

“Dad, look!”

He pointed out to the hangar which ahd been empty. A door whooshed open and a man in a dark hood walked out followed by a squadron of Malengi.

Han’s heart fell.

The two of them walked down the ramp to greet their hosts.

THe man in black lowered his hood to reveal a tear stained face…

of Jacen Solo.

“YOU!” he snarled looking at Anakin. “and YOU!” looking at his father.

Han looked at Jacen with such wonder. “What, Jacen. What did I do?’

“You brought the Jedi into it. The ones I must now kill! But I will deal with you later! Guards take them all away and put them in detention cells, except this one,” he said pointing at Anakin.

The guards began to pull the crews from their ships. Han attempted to break free but he was soon knocked unconscious and dragged away.

Anakin stepped forward.


“Don’t talk to me,” Jacen snapped. “You tried to kill us. YOU KILLED HER!”

Anakin’s eyes watered but he stood firm. “Yes Jacen. I fell to the temptation of the Dark side. I fell. I killed Jaina and tried to kill you. There is nothing I can say…”

“You’re right. There is nothing. But you screwed it up. You didn’t kill me. You didn’t kill all of Jaina! SHe is here! IN ME!”

“No Jacen. I know it feels like it…but she’s not in you, at least not in the way you are describing. She can’t be. She has just stained you with her anger. It’s the problem with being so attuned with the Force!”

“No. I can feel her.”

“Jacen, you are the most empathetic Jedi I have ever encountered. I know you. This isn’t you. You are letting this stain cloud you. Look at your face! Fight this!”

Jacen was silent.

“Jacen. Please. Don’t make me destory you.”

Jacen snapped.

“YOu couldn’t do it last time even when you did have the dark side,” he snarled crackling lightning bolts out of his fingers. “Now I master the power of the dark side. For Jaina! YOU will not survive!”

Jacen ignited his blue saber as Anakin grimaced.

Anakin tried to think of anything else he could possibly say.

There was nothing. Sadly he reached for his saber and turned it on.

The Force itself seemed to frown as the two brothers began circling each other.

Han had woken up as they were being transported. He was being dragged with his arm across two guards shoulders. As he grew conscious, he began to walk.

Next to him was Karrde while Karrde’s crew were walking behind them. Han looked around quickly but could find no way out of the situation they were in, at least for the moment.

He threw a glance towards Karrde how caught his eye.

Was that a wink? He thougt he saw something, but shook his head, until he saw a light on Karrde’s watch blinking.

“Eyes front!” the guard snapped smacking Han in the back. Han stumbled and his knee had given out as he collapsed to the floor. Just then the door slid open and Karrde yelled “Now!” and hit the deck.

Blasts from the open door filled the crosswalk and Malengi guard after Malengi guard fell before they knew what hit them.

As the smoke cleared, Han struggled to his feet and looked towards the door.

“Does this finally make us even for Bespin you old pirate?” asked a familiar voice.

“Lando!” Han gasped, and without even thinking of a witty comeback, grasped Lando’s hand. “How did you…”

“Come now Solo. Have I ever not had a plan b? Or a plan c, d, e, or f for that matter?” Karrde said with a grin.

“Now what?”

“Now I save my boys from each other. You two, secure the bridge. We may have to make a run for it.”

Karrde’s men had already begun putting Malengi uniforms on while Han headed back to the landing bay.


Jacen swung first. Striking at Anakin with a high one-handed saber shot, he anticipated the high block from Anakin. As Anakin raised his saber to block, Jacen hit his brother with a bolt of lightning from his free fingers in his stomach. Grunting Anakin flew back into the ship.

Jacen increased the intensity before Anakin was able to deflect it with his saber.

Anakin tried to use the Force to pull Jacen’s legs out from under him, but Jacen blocked it with ease.

Jumping up onto the wing of a Malengi fighter, Anakin decidedly got the high ground.

Jacen laughed and used the Force to upend the fighter and send Anakin tumbling.

Anakin couldn’t believe the fury or just uninhibited power coming from Jacen.

He began to wonder if it was possible to defeat his brother, especially when he didn’t want to kill him. Jacen might force Anakin to kill him to stop him!

Anakin blindly called some cargo containers to throw at Jacen. One hit Jacen in the arm and the other in the leg forcing him off balance. Jacen shook it off and brandished his saber again.

Rushing in he swung hard on a downward swing at Anakin’s head and shoulders.

Raising his blade Anakin blocked again.

“Jacen, please! This doesn’t have to be like this,” Anakin said pushing slightly to get some sort of offensive maneuvering in.

“Tell it to Jaina,” Jacen snapped losing no ground.

“Will killing me bring her back?” Anakin asked truly as he used the Force to reinvigorate his tiring arm.

“No. But it will be sweet revenge.”

Jacen intensified his attack as Anakin was forced to back away. Anakin leapt to a catwalk, about a hundred feet above and Jacen followed suit. High over the hangar, the two battled with a vengeance.

Anakin still tried to defend more than attack, just ducking, and parrying when finally an errant blow from Jacen struck the railing of the catwalk and sliced into the steel. With a push from the Force, Anakin lost his balance and fell over the edge, grabbing a hold of the remiaing railing with his left hand. His saber went crashing to the ground and Anakin looked with pity at Jacen.

“Help me help you brother!”

Jacen shook his head. “See you in hell brother!” Jacen swung his saber and sliced off Anakin’s hand at the wrist.

Down the body of Anakin Solo fell.

Quickly thinking as he screamed in pain, he used the Force to slow his descent so he didn’t hit the ground at full impact.

But he still hit.

USing the Force he concentrated on not going into shock.

Jacen followed by leaping off the catwalk and slowly floating down to Anakin’s fallen body.

Anakin tried to rise and Jacen just used the Force to hold him down.

“Now little brother, I do what you couldn’t do. I will finish the job!”

Jacen raised his saber high over head and prepared to bring it down through Anakin’s head.

“WAIT! Jacen NO!”

Jacen turned and saw Han Solo limp into the bridge.

“I won’t let you do this, son. Even if I have to stop you myself.”

“Step away from him, son.”

Jacen whipped his head around towards his father and Han almost blanched at the broken blood vessels showing through.

“I don’t know how you got free old man, but you won’t stop us.”

“Us? Jacen, Jaina is dead.”

“She lives in me!”

“No son, she’s just a ghost preying on your guilt,” Han said slowly walking.

“What? I’m not guilty…this scum is!” Jacen snarled pointing down at his brother.

“That “scum” is your brother. Don’t you remember? When you were all little, you used to all ride Chewbacca’s back! And you’d drive Threepio nuts! And when one of you would fall, the other would pick him up,” Han said inching closer to his boys.

“Where’s Jaina in your little nostalic folly, she wasn’t dead then!” Jacen snapped back but he didn’t move.

“She’s there. Just as she is now…but she wouldn’t want this truly. YOu know that son. Jaina was honorable. She cared about you guys too much. She wouldn’t want you to be fighting over her!”

“Then why is she telling me to kill the flittin scum?” Jacen retorted but took his foot off of Anakin’s back.

“She’s not Jacen! WHat’s left of her anger is!” Han came up so he was almost in Jacen’s face.
Jacen’s saber lit up Han’s face so the well hidden wrinkles and rough patches were illuminated.

“Don’t try to stop me dad. If I have to I’ll kill you too.” Jacen swore in a low voice.

“Then do it.” Han grabbed his son’s wrist and brought the shining blade up to his own throat. “Kill me, because I don’t want to see what my son has become. And your mother sure as hell won’t want to see it from beyond…and your sister won’t. I’m sure of it. We all love you too much to watch.”

Jacen stared at his father. A single tear broke down his face and Han could almost see the boy inside struggling mightily to break free.

Because of all the data he took away from the information he found in the Jedi Temple, from Kyp’s accounts, to Luke’s thoughts, none was more profound a discover as a small quote attributed to a long-dead Jedi named Qui-Gon Jinn.

Love is the answer to the darkness

Han looked into his son’s eyes to the son he once had. Putting his son’s wrist down, he grabbed Jacen into a tight embrace.

“I love you son. Please…come back to me.”

Jacen dropped his saber to the ground and began to crumple as he openly sobbed against his father’s chest. Han lowered themselves to the ground where he could just hold his son. Anakin was able to fight to a sitting position and just collapsed onto his father’s legs.

Han felt a cloud dissipate above Jacen and wisp away.

Then he sensed a touch of sorts in his mind from two beautiful women.

All 3 of the grown men openly wept as they leaned against each other against the world.

Until a noise from the comm told them they wouldn’t be alone for long.

Han looked up to the ceiling, even though you could never see the comm speakers.

“Han, old buddy, you guys alright?”

Jacen and Anakin raised their tearstained faces.

“Lando. Yeah we’re ok,” Han said hugging his boys again.

“Ok, Han, hate to break up the reunion but we have a problem.”

Han groaned inwardly. He hated the sound of that.

“Han, look out the window and tell me what you see,” Karrde’s voice came over loud and clear.

The three Solo’s walked over to the viewport of the hangar.

Han looked out and couldn’t quite understand what he saw.

It was a large containment unit fo somekind fitted with rockets and what appeared to be a hyperdrive of some kind. Han had never seen anything like it.

“Oh sithspit…”Jacen whispered.

Han and Anakin turned as one to look at Jacen.

“What is that Jacen?” Han asked simply.

“It’s the Hyper,” Jacen whispered almost devoid of life.

“What?” Han asked slowing down his speech as only Han Solo can when he’s getting excitable. “What exactly is… a Hyper?”

“We got to stop it! They fired it wihtout my consent! Lando, Talon! Tractor that craft NOW!”

“No can do there kiddo,” Lando started. “It’s already too far out of range.”

“We have to go after it! Talon, start moving towards it! Try to recapture it anyway you can!”

Talon didn’t hesitate befor the ship began to lurch in that direction.

“Dad, we have to stop it. Lando, send someone down to help Anakin here to the bridge. Dad get on the Falcon, I’ll take my fighter!”

“JACEN! What IS the HYPER?”

Jacen stopped. “I don’t have time to give you the specifics. To sum up, it is a bomb, a large bomb. And I have it hooked up to a navigation system and a hyperdrive. The Malengi and I, with help from the Force, have developed the technology to set direct coordinates, and send into hyperspace a large explosive device. It will last until it reaches it’s target before blowing up! THe casing has also been made resistant to blasters, it’s shielding units should keep it away from any bombardment this side of a Star Destroyer!”

“What’s the target?” Anakin asked though he knew the answer.

“The Jedi Temple.”

Han didn’t know waht to say as he saw his son climb into his fighter. Anakin pushed him off, telling him he’d be fine.

Han made his way slowly to the Falcon. He walked up the ramp, and started preflight. Sighing, it was taking longer than usual. Looking out the viewport he took a glance at Anakin who was limping towards the door slowly.

“Jacen you there?” he spoke into the mic.

“Yeah dad, let’s go.” he heard his one son as he looked towards the other.

“May the Force be with us,” Han found himself saying. Shaking his head for a moment, he lifted off ground and exited the hangar with his son.

Towards further adventure as always.

Han flew the Falcon side by side with Jacen’s fighter.

The Hyper was far enough away at this point that they were having to push their acceleration.

“How we going to do this, Jacen?” Han asked, happy to have sent 3P0 to help Anakin make it to the bridge. His whining right now would have been overwhelming.

“I don’t know dad. I made this plan pretty fool proof!”

The two got within firing distance and opened fire blasting the Hyper with everything they had!

The Hyper went on.

“What about a proton?” he asked his son.

“I havent exactly been around getting refills of Republic weaponry the last few years….I haven’t had a proton torpedo since the Yuzhaan Vong war.”

“The Falcon’s torpedo bay is damaged. I can’t keep up with everything.”

With that the Hyper jumped into hyperspace.

Han sighed.

“We can’t give up, dad!” Jacen said heatedly.

“Who said anything about giving up? Let’s go get it!”

“Talon? Get us the coordinates of the Hyper!”

“Got it. Sending over now.”

“We’ll go and just radio ahead to get the Jedi out and send some of the big boys out to intercept,” Han told Jacen.

“No dad. I thought of that. Upon entering realspace, the Hyper will set off its Blanket. It will make communications impossible for thirty minutes. Long enough to reach the Jedi Temple,” Jacen said sadly.

“But they’ll see it at least especially when communications go down,” Han said almost pleading.

“No dad, it’s stealth. They won’t see it until it’s too late,” Jacen said frustrated

“Well dammit son, couldn’t you have not been so good at what you do this one time?!” Han snapped. “Sorry. Let’s go figure it out. I love you kiddo”

The two looked down at their consoles and up at each other through their cockpits.

They nodded at one another and followed the Hyper.


Exiting hyperspace, Han immediately found the Hyper still traveling straight and true.

“Falcon to Coruscant, Falcon to Coruscant. Emergecny!”

He got a load of static back.

“Falcon to Coruscant!”


“Jacen?” he tried in vain.

Nothing. He had hoped Jacen had been wrong or that the Malengi had screwed up Jacen’s plan in development.

No such luck.

They were running out of times and Han was for the first time in his life…out of ideas.

Jacen tried to use the Force and the Hyper’s engines slowed, but not enough to make much of a difference. It was made too powerful. Jacen had the Jedi in mind during its design after all. Not even Kyp could stop it.

Han looked at the gray/black ball of Coruscant, a place they called home for a long long time.

He looked over at his son in his figther. He looked behind him to the three freighters entering space, one of which held his other son and his two best friends.

Han hated feeling helpless.


Han shook his head looking at the Hyper directly ahead of him.

Then he stopped. He had an idea alright.

He looked over at the co-pilots chair.

A shimmering blue light appeared there and slipped into Leia’s form!

Han’s eyes opened wide. He was dreaming again.

A tear rolled down his face as he quickly looked at everything again. the Hyper, his son, his friends…

His wife.


“It’s alright Han.” came a voice from the past.

Han settled back into his seat. “Honey, if there was…”

“Shhh. It’s okay. I’m waiting.”

Han openly wept as he looked around the cabin of his precious ship.

“One more time baby.” he said to the Falcon.

“I love you Han.” Leia’s voice came in a whisper.

“I know.” He said smirking one last time, feeling peaceful.

“Punch it fly boy…” Leia’s affectionae voice came through.

Han grabbed the controls and pushed it as hard as it could be pushed.

Reaching out he grasped for his wife’s hand…

and found it.

Feeling a large dose of fear from both his sons, Han pushed a feeling back towards them,

“We love you sons. We always will.”

The Milennium Falcon flew straight and true and to the shock of those witnessing, it crashed headlong into the Hyper as both went up into a large ball of orange flame…

Somewhere a Wookie roared, a wife smiled, a daughter applauded, 2 sons loved.

As Han Solo, the rogue scoundrel ended his life it would be forever said that he died the way he always lived.

A hero.


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