For Leia – Fan Fiction

For Leia

by Paul Talon

He had seen a lot of darkness inhis long life. But this was beyond anything he could have dreamed.

His little girl. His little Leia.

Bail hadn’t wanted to believe the reports that had come down. He glanced at them again through the solitary tear that rolled down his face.

Tantive IV had sent out a distress signal. Before Bail could send help, the Empire kindly had let him know that all aboard had been killed.

All because of the damned rebellion. In the beginning, he had supported it. He had loved Padme Amidala as a close friend. He had respected Mon Mothma. He had wanted to restore democracy to a falling republic.

But was he right? More and more it was getting difficult to believe that. Twenty years and all it had gotten them was death and destruction. Sedition, treason, betrayal. These were ugly words. But they were the words that described him. Palpatine had obtained his position legally. Whether or not it was through loopholes, he did nothing illegal. The people supported him. Who was he to rebel?

Who were any of them?

He thought back to the Jedi purge. Maybe it was better they were gone. They thought they were above the Senate, he knew that. He had respected that they probably were, but that’s no reason for them to flaunt their gifts.

Especially given what happened to the greatest of them.

And now, the rebellion had cost him everything.

He looked within himself and found that his grief was slowly turning to bile. Damn Jedi.

Damn the universe. He only had to concern himself with his people. He thought long and hard. He realized he had one way that he could re-solidify his political base and make Alderaan a golden jewel of the Empire again.

Afterall, he lost Leia. What did Obi-Wan, Yoda, Mon Mothma, any of them…mean to him now?

Turning them in, would cripple the rebellion and Bail would be eleveated to a position of power, where he could make certain his people remained protected.

The rebellion was over. They just needed to be told.

He touched his comm. “Ready my ship for departure.”

A voice crackled bac. “Yes sir.”

Bail sent a note to his wife, alerting him to where he would be going and made it to his ship.

Bail wasn’t sure he knew what he was doing. But he knew he must be decisive. He wouldn’t let what happend to Leia, happen to Breha. Or Alderaan herself. So with that he settled his stomach and walked up the stairs to the Tantive V.

For Leia

Suddenly the sun’s bright rays had disappeared behind a dark gray ball as Bail disappeared into the ship.

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