Frozen Heart – Fan Fiction

Frozen Heart

by Paul Talon


“Put him in,” Darth Vader commands his troops, indicating the rogue Captain Solo.

Unable to contain his frustrated anger any longer, Chewbacca gave into his rage and let out a wild howl. He lunged towards the stormtroopers surrounding Han. Within seconds, other Imperial reinforcements join the scuffle, and began clubbing the giant Wookiee with their laser weapons. From Chewie’s back, Threepio’s voice begans to cry hysterically,

“Oh, no! No, no, no! Stop, Chewbacca, stop…!” He continues to panic while he tries to protect himself with his one arm.

The stormtroopers are about to bash Chewie in the face, when the gruff voice of an old friend breaks in

“Stop, Chewie, stop! Do you hear me? Stop!” Han says trying to insert himself between the the troops and his best friend.

“Yes, stop, please! I’m not ready to die,” Threepio continued.

Han manages to break away from his captors. Vader nodded to the guards, silently telling them to let him go.

“Chewie! Chewie, this won’t help me. Hey!”

He finally is able to break up the fight and give the Wookiee a stern look.

“Save your strength. There’ll be another time. The princess — you have to take care of her,” he said in poignant tone. “You hear me?”

Han winked at the Wookiee who wailed a doleful farewell. The guards took advantage of the moment and slipped binders on Chewbacca, who is too distraught to protest.

Han turns to Princess Leia, and suddenly he wished for just one more hour alone. He looks deep into her eyes and is so moved, that he wishes he could give her the galaxy.

Without hesitating, he decides to give her the one thing he has left to give.

He leans in and kisses her as passionately as one has ever been kissed until the guards begin to pull him away. Her eyes are still closed as her lips struggled to hold on.

She opens them and takes a step forward.

“I love you!”

Han meets her gaze unflinchingly, lending her strength.

“I know.”

Tears roll down Leia’s face as she watches the dashing pirate walk to the hydraulic platform. Han looks one final
time at his friends — and then, suddenly, the platform dropped, and Han closed his eyes as the smoke billowed.

Chewie howled as Leia turns away in agony. Lando winced in sorrow but stood watching. Instantly, fiery liquid begins to pour down in a shower of sparks and fluid as great as any steel furnace. Holding Leia tightly, Chewie partially turned away from the sight, which gave Threepio a view of the procedure.

“What…what’s going on? Turn around, Chewbacca, I can’t see,” he snapped. “Oh…they’ve encased him in carbonite. He should be quite well-protected — if he survives the freezing process, that is.”

Chewie barks angrily at the droid as a mechanical tong lifted the steaming metal-encased space pirate out of the vat and stands him on the platform. A few Ugnaughts rushed over and pushed the block over onto the platform. Sliding the coffinlike structure to the block, they placed it inside a box and attached an electronic box onto the structure, before hurrying away.

Lando kneels and adjusts some knobs, measuring the heat. He shakes his head in grief. Frantically he re-checks the figures.

“Well, Calrissian, did he survive?” Vader breathed mechanically.

Lando’s voice broke slightly.

“No. No. I’m getting no life readings at all.”

Leia threw herself to the floor in agony and Lando quickly went to her. Chewbacca howled angrier than ever, slipping back into his animal rage. Snapping the binders in half, he advanced on the menacing Vader.

Boba Fett raised his gun towards the Wookie until Vader shook his head.

Vader raised his hand and lifted the raging Wookie in the air, choking the life out of the hairy beast.

“Enough Lord Vader. You’ve already killed Solo, there’s no need to kill his partner,” Lando shouted.

Vader didn’t bother to acknowledge Calrissian as he continued to press the Wookie’s throat.

Chewbacca’s howls grew dimmer and turned into a choking sound, until finally the Wookie could do no more. His head slumped over, his eyes rolled back, Chewbacca had followed his Captain to the beyond.

Vader released the dead Wookie’s body and marched over to the prisoners.

“Take the Princess, her droids, and Calrissian to my ship,” he said to his guards.

“You told me the Princess could stay here!” Lando spat. “I was to be given amnesty. I did everything you asked!”

“I have changed my mind. Do you wish to challenge me further as the Wookie did?”

Lando’s face went white. “No.”

“Good. Now leave me. I must find a way to ensnare Skywalker. I have no desire to see him dead before he meets the Emperor.”

Prinecss Leia threw herself over Han’s sarcophagus and burst into tears.



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