Clone Wars: Volume 3: 3.15


Wow! Now this is what I was talking about when I heard about the Clone Wars cartoon. A story that was at once fun, memorable, and deeply rooted in the mythology of the Anakin Skywalker storyline. Traveling to a mysterious planet that just emanates the Force, Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Ahsoka investigate.

While there, they meet three very special people. A Father and his children, a daughter steeped in the light side and a son who is a dark side warrior. Here the father keeps balanced. He is very interested in the Chosen One. And he’s not alone. Anakin is separated from his master and apprentice and he goes on to meet the father. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are met by visions in a cave. Ahsoka by an older version of herself claiming that she has been touched by the dark side due to her involvement with Skywalker. Now most of us are fairly sure Ahsoka will die before Episode III or else it wouldn’t make sense. And yes, technically they could send her to some far off land and have her either survive the Jedi Purge or be killed off screen but that would be cheap.

But it is Obi-Wan’s vision that is most interesting. His vision is of Qui-Gon Jinn (actually voiced by Liam Neeson!). Interesting conversation abounds about young Anakin and the destiny of the Chosen One as well as Obi-Wan’s own destiny.

Anakin is visited by his mother’s spirit which eventually reveals itself to be the Son messing with his mind. Anakin finds the Father who tells him point blank that he will be tested.

The test happens in a large courtyard where the daughter and son take Obi-Wan and Ahsoka on opposite sides and the father tells Anakin that he must let go of his mother’s death and choose to free only one of the taken. Anakin forces the wills of the two and frees both in a dark and powerful demostration of the Force.

The father says he passed the test and he needed to stay behind and replace him or else the galaxy could be lost but Anakin can’t do that so they attempt to fly away.

It’s a great episode mostly because it’s actually important to the storyline. And I’m not belittling other episodes which can be fun, but they are usually non-essential to Anakin’s storyline.


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