Clone Wars: Volume 3: 3.16

“Altar of Mortis”

It had seemed that the previous episode had wrapped up the storyline pretty well so I wasn’t expecting the Son to kidnap Ahsoka and force our other two heroes to crash back down on the planet. In a way I think they should have moved on in storyline and used the slight dangling plot line of the old man struggling to keep balance as a way to return later on instead of using it all now.

But hey there were a lot of cool fights in the episode that made it a definite worthy watch. Ahsoka is bitten by the Son and the dark side and turns towards the dark side. Anakin pursues them, hell bent on saving his apprentice while Obi-Wan thinks it wiser to find the Father to gain his help in defeating the son.

Obi-Wan’s journey leads to a confrontation with the son and the Father is hurt. The daughter come and shows Obi-Wan an altar that contains a powerful sword that can control the son.

Meanwhile Anakin vs. Ahsoka. It’s cool to see initially but Ahsoka really holds her own for way too long. Anakin should have been able to dispatch her much quicker even if he doesn’t want to hurt her.

Everyone is eventually reunited and unfortunately the daughter sacrifices her life to save a mortally wounded Ahsoka and the son escapes with the sword. So now we know it’s a trilogy of episodes even if this one feels a bit slow as if they dragged the story out a bit too long.


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