Clone Wars: Volume 3: 3.17

“Ghosts of Mortis”

The trilogy comes to a close and it is definitely a worthwhile finale. I still hold that this would have been better if it would have stayed just the first episode. With that being said, there is enough in this episode to be well worth a watch!

The Father determines that with the daughter dead, the only way to maintain the balance is to kill the son and Anakin agrees. Anakin gets to have a little one on one time with the ghost of Qui-Gon who offers little but to trust his instincts. Meanwhile Obi-Wan and Ahsoka are left trying to fix the shuttle so they can leave.

Anakin is led to the well of the Dark Side where he is confronted and in turn recruited by the son. Anakin doesn’t fall easily (save the Episode III jokes for those who didn’t like it), but is bombarded by images of the future which is quite cool for the Star Wars fan. We see Obi-Wan screaming that he was his brother and we see Anakin choking younglings and Padme as well. All showcasing the future of the dark lord to be.

Anakin partially succumbs not really by choice but by infection and he helps the Son go towards the shuttle. Anakin is cured by the Father and the battle with the son is on. The son, empowered by the sword is more than a match for the Jedi until the father sacrifices himself which depowers the son. Anakin slides up behind after the son feels remorse for his father dying. Anakin puts the lightsaber through the son killing him.

Overall another decent episode made great due to the foreshadowing shown. Necessary? Probably not, but much worthier than a lot of the other randomness in some episodes.


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