Episode VII – A Brave New Galaxy (Far Far Away)

Only a week ago, Star Wars as far as live action cinematic blockbusters goes, was dead. The fanbase itself was much quieter and more fragmented while many communities moved off into different directions.  Then came the last days of October, and the paradigm shifted.  In one day, the East Coast was decimated, and Star Wars was real again.  Communities of fans tight during the age of the Prequels have come back together, with many rivalries seemingly forgotten.  Star Wars is back, and we’re ready to debate Palpatine Clones and lightsaber colors again.

Here on the new Phatooine.Net things have changed; to bring us back to the roots of the original–re-launching Phatooine to stay in this new era of continual Disney-funded Star Wars sequels.  I dunno about the rest of you guys, but I missed this.  The Force is in balance again, even if that means Mickey is the Chosen One.


The new Phatooine will have many of the lost sections re-opened–such as the Fight Club & Filth Forums.  It will come with a new ToS and a fresh start, but all the old usernames/logins will remain.

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