Red Harvest Literature Review

Red Harvest (3,645 BBY)

Written by Joe Schreiber

A prequel to Death Troopers by quite a bit, none of the characters appear – it is simply all about the virus. Although it’s a prequel, it has to top Death Troopers without being the same thing. So how to accomplish this? Easy. Put the plague on a planetful of Sith.

That’s right we got Force zombies! Darth Scaborous is a Sith Lord and the head of a Sith Academy on Odacer-Faucin a snowy planet which is always good for horror. Scaborous is searching for immortality and from a holocron has a recipe for disaster. He needs one other ingredient, a black orchid kept by the Jedi and a member of the Agricultural Corps. That is where Hestizo Trace comes in.

A bounty hunter is able to take her and the orchid back to the planet and with help from the orchid, Scaborous is able to complete his concoction and test it on a Sith student he claimed from the planet. Of course all hell breaks loose and it’s Sith against Sith as everyone tries to survive.

Much like Schrieber’s first book, it is certainly a guilty pleasure of a sorts. His prose is engaging enough to keep you moving even if he doesn’t have a centralized character. Trace is the closest too it but the narrative jumps around to a ton of characters, most of which don’t end up mattering very much. It’s both effective and disjointing. I’m not certain why we meet these characters but on the other hand it makes it quite clear that anyone can die at anytime.

Overall, if you liked the first one, you’ll like the second, but I’m not certain there is room for a third, even if the plague’s origins are still further back in time. That being said, I’d be the first in line for a third.


-Paul Talon

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