Death Troopers Literature Review

Death Troopers

written by Joe Schreiber

You certainly can’t say they are not trying. In an interesting move, the Star Wars universe is taken from normally tame (save maybe the New Jedi Order) and thrusts a classic zombie/flesh eating undead storyline right out of a 70s horror flick smack dab in the middle of it.

And yet it works. Perhaps because I love horror and know that despite all of its faults/believability, I can suspend disbelief enough to enjoy a good dumb zombie story. Funny enough what makes it work at the beginning is the fact that it is still far removed from the Star Wars we all know. Yes there are stormtroopers and there are Star Destroyers and a passing mention of Vader and the Emperor. Likewise there are occasional references to alien types we know.

But otherwise it really could be any futuristic setting. That’s good at first but as the story develops it would get stale as there really is little in the way of inventiveness. The story is decent in that suspense is built upon quite well as we are introduced to the characters we are going to sympathize with and then with those we are going to loathe.

I do think that the suspense built up was actually better than the actual zombie portions if only because it devolves into a lot of chasing, screaming, and occasional gunfire so we don’t feel the fear we do in the beginning.

One very good touch about halfway through was the insertion of two very familiar characters from the universe and it is at just the right time as that turns the story on it’s head and really gives it a more original feel. It’s not just a zombie flick. It’s a zombie flick with…(See below the grade if you want to be spoiled).

Overall it is certainly far from perfect as it relies on the gimmick to maintain originality but that being said it was definitely a guilty pleasure of mine and if you let yourself you could really enjoy the quick read…especially if you are a horror fan.


-Paul Talon

Spoilers – Han and Chewie

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