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This forum, details the Terms of Service as well as any announcements by staff. This is also the place where users can ask general questions or raise discussion about the site itself.

Terms Of Service

Postby soxtalon » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:50 pm

Post at your own risk. Staff reserves the right to interpret the following rules as they determine to be fit. Administrators will entertain any question/complaint about how something was handled as fairly and impartially as possible, but staff is given the discretion to act as they deem proper - In other words making a complaint doesn't guarantee a favorable response.

1. By posting, you agree to all Terms of Service.
2. By posting on this board, you agree to release Phatooine.net from any liability, civil, criminal, or other, in specific regard to anonymous annoyances, abuses, threats or harassment, perceived or otherwise, as outlined in H.R. 3402, Section 113.

Language and Content
This is a message board for everyone. As a general guideline it's not a truck stop, but it's not a nursery school. There is no firm restriction on language, images or topics of discussion but it is up to the discretion of the staff as to what will be curtailed. A good guideline: If it's NC-17 rated (as in pornographic nudity, excessive language), it's probably not appropriate for the general boards. So let's be adult here mmmkay?

Phatooine considers the following actions to be Spam: off topic posts, excessive posting, "plugging" competing sites (including unsolicited Private Messages; using multiple (sock) accounts for the purpose of spamming by posting the same link/s through non posting accounts ), or any type of posts or Private Message meant to disrupt this message board system. Note: Links may be posted in a thread only if relevant to the topic. Put simply: If you aren't positively contributing to the discussion, you're at risk of spamming.

Posters may not flame (insult, or meant to offend users), bait (tempt users to violate TOS), or Troll (disruptively post).

Illegal Content/Relationships
If it's illegal - it is against TOS. Period. Do not invade another poster's privacy. Do not threaten other posters. Do no post content that does not belong to you.

The Dark Side Of Phatooine
[*]FILTH FORUM: A forum with it's own rules. The above language and content rules (except for those detailing anything illegal) are null and void. There are only two rules: 1) No illegal images period. 2) Anything possibly considered pornographic may be posted in link for with proper Not-Safe-For Work tagging (NSFW)
[*]FIGHT CLUB SPECIFIC RULE: The same rules as Filth Forum with the added exception of the flaming/baiting rules. Flaming and baiting is not only allowed - it's encouraged. The only firm rule on that aspect is: What goes takes place in the Fight Club stays in Fight Club. No spillover!

BUT for ALL parts of the board:

What's Best For Phatooine
This is the overly-generalized "Don't be a jerk" rule. Or put another way: Phatooine Staff reserves the right to revoke the privilege of posting for users whose actions are not in the best interest of the Phatooine Community. Phat Staff reserve the right to interpret "the best interests of Phat" in any way they see fit.

Avatar Requirements
You may choose from the gallery here or you may choose to upload your own with a few caveats:
[*]SIZE RESTRICTION - 150 x 150px max size & 100-150kb file size
[*]NO - Animation/Nudity/Anything against TOS
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