Top 9 Episode VII Rumors

Top 9 Episode VII Rumors

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It’s official: director J.J. Abrams & Co have finished filming the sure-to-be megahit Star Wars Episode VII. There is even an official Episode title now: The Force Awakens. It turns out the Force just need some ‘me’ time after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Unfortunately, Episode VII won’t be released for another year, which is far too long for Star Wars fans to wait until their proverbial Star Wars itch is scratched. Like nature, the mind of a Star Wars fans abhors a vacuum: crafty spies have infiltrated the set of Episode VII from day one, bombarding the internet with leaked storyboards, costume designs, concept art, and (allegedly) massive spoilers regarding The Force Awakens’ plot.

Until a teaser trailer drops, the insatiable Star Wars fans among us must rely on hearsay for an inkling of what Episode VII might be about. To aid our readers as they navigate the murky swamp of Star Wars leaks, we have assembled the nine biggest Force Awakens rumours and ranked them from most to least likely.

Hopefully, this handy road map will help you parse out fact from fabrication. Keep in mind none, or all, of these rumours may be true. We have determined the rankings based on knowledge of the Star Wars universe and movie making in general. Needless to say: potentially huge spoilers follower.

9. Vader Makes A Cameo


The Rumour: The website Latino Review has been particularly fond of spoiling the potential bad guys of The Force Awakens. One of the most promising rumours they’ve spread is that Darth Vader himself will be making a cameo in an extended flashback sequence during Episode VII. The flashback allegedly sets up the big baddies of the new trilogy.

Likelihood: Extremely Likely

Of all the rumours circulating around the internet, this one rings the truest for Star Wars fans. At their hearts, the original and prequel trilogies are the story of the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker. Having Vader appear in the first film of the new trilogy seems like an appropriate nod to the stories of Episodes I-VI. A Vader appearance, even a brief one, would serve to strengthen the continuity between all three trilogies.

Leaving Vader out of the new trilogy seems like a bad call for the makers of The Force Awakens. Plus, Vader’s bad-assery will help legitimize the threat posed by The Force Awakens’ new villains. It’s definitely likely that old chrome dome graces the big screen once again while hopefully delivering his signature Force Choke to anyone who steps to him. Longtime Star Wars fans should be thrilled.

8. The Inquisitors Are The Villains


The Rumour: This August, Latino Review dropped another huge spoiler bomb on Star Wars fans’ heads with a (potential) reveal of Episode VII’s main baddies: the nefarious Inquisitors from the Star Wars: Rebels TV series.

Highly Likely

As of Episode VI, the Sith and the Empire they built are no more. Now that there’s a vacuum of villainy at the heart of the Star Wars universe, Abrams & Co needs to fill the void with a fresh team of evildoers. The Inquisitors seem like a perfect fit.

For those readers who are unfamiliar with the Inquisitors, they’re basically the KGB of Emperor Palpatine’s evil regime. They would probably want a return to the old status quo of the Galactic Empire. Latino Review claims that the flashback showing Vader will introduce the Inquisitors, which would give the Inquisitors some significant bad guy cred.

Story-wise, the Inquisitors make sense as Episode VII’s new villains. The Inquisitors are already an established presence in the Star Wars: Rebels TV series, so avid Star Wars fans are prepared for their upcoming appearance. Disney likely included the Inquisitors in Star Wars: Rebels as a savvy way to build brand recognition before the Inquisitors’ big reveal in The Force Awakens.

7. There Will Be A Female Villain


The Rumour: The hardworking folks at Latino Review again spoiled The Force Awakens for everyone by revealing Episode VII will feature a female villain. Given the dearth of female villains in the Star Wars cinematic universe, a badass lady villain could be a hit with female Star Wars fans.

Likelihood: Very Likely

The makers of Episode VII have recruited some serious up-and-coming female talent for their cast like Daisy Ridley, Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong’o, and Gwendoline Christie. Also, signs are pointing to the protagonist of The Force Awakens being female.

The makers of The Force Awakens seem intent on having a more diverse human cast than the ones found in previous Star Wars instalments, which means women will pop up in larger roles. It would be a significant waste of talent to have actress like Nyong’o or Christie play minor characters in the saga.

The cadre of villains in the original and prequel trilogies could aptly be described as a sausage party with only one female villain showing up in Episode II (who ended up being a shape-shifting alien). The Force Awakens has a chance to correct this oversight. It would just be good business to attract a wider female audience by having women play major characters in the new instalment.

6. Max Von Sydow Is Not What He Appears


The Rumour: The website Badass Digest reported that illustrious character actor Max von Sydow will play a big part in jump starting The Force Awakens’ plot. The site claims to know how a key scene in the beginning of The Force Awakens will unfold.

Episode VII’s protagonist, Kira, will bring Luke’s recently discovered lightsaber to the apparently senile von Sydow. He then gives her a clue about where to find some answers regarding the mysterious object. After Kira leaves, von Sydow rings up an unknown party to let them know the lightsaber has been found.

Likelihood: Likely

Veteran actor Max von Sydow has starred in a wide array of films, making appearances in everything from The Seventh Seal to Strange Brew. The 85 year old actor brings a cache of credibility to the proceedings in much the same way that Alec Guinness did in Episode IV. We can expect him to play an integral role in the feature.

Given von Sydow’s advanced age, his character could very well fool Kira into writing him off as a senile old man. Of course, an actor of von Sydow’s stature wouldn’t be tapped to play a bit part; him being an undercover spy, or something even more sinister, makes sense.

5. Adam Driver’s Character Will Be Related To Dooku


The Rumour: The website Making Star Wars is a group of dedicated Star Wars fanatics who claimed to have insider information on Episode VII’s production. The site contends that Adam Driver’s character will be related to Christopher Lee’s villainous Count Dooku from the prequel trilogy.

Likelihood: Somewhat Likely

It seems to be a consensus that darling of the indie movie scene, Adam Driver, has been cast as a villain in The Force Awakens. Driver’s character being kin to Dooku could have a bit of truth to it. It seems plausible that the makers of Episode VII would want to create connective tissue between the prequel trilogy and the latest Star Wars chapter.

Count Dooku started out as a Jedi before being turned to the Dark Side. Jedi’s have a mandate not to procreate, but, given Dooku’s penchant for flaunting the Jedi’s rules, he very well could have unleashed the power of his libido to produce some heirs.

The one thing keeping this rumour out of the ‘very likely’ column is a recent set photo leak from the website Star Wars 7 News of Driver in an X-Wing pilot outfit. Driver’s character might be on the good guy’s side, which doesn’t necessarily preclude him from being Dooku’s heir.

4. Luke Gives Our Heroes A Hand


The Rumour: This summer, Badass Digest once again made it impossible for the insatiably curious to avoid ruining Episode VII for themselves. According to the site, after the standard Star Wars opening crawl wraps up, a severed hand grasping a lightsaber floats onto the screen before plummeting onto the home world of The Force Awakens’ protagonists, sending them on a galaxy-spanning quest.

Likelihood: Somewhat Unlikely

The broad strokes of this rumour appear sound. Starting Episode VII with a mysterious object sending our heroes on a quest echoes the beginning of Episode IV where the appearance of R2-D2 and C-3PO sent Luke on a mission to find Princess Leia. It’s the specifics of this spoiler that gives reason to pause.

The idea of a hand floating through space, surviving a trip through a planet’s atmosphere, and landing on the surface is, frankly, pretty silly. Now, silly is a relative term when you’re talking about a series where a sentient garbage can is a major cast member, but this concept is too far-out even for Star Wars.

We totally buy the idea that The Force Awakens’ plot will concern a quest to find Luke, but a crash landing flying robo-hand from beyond the stars… er, not so much.

3. Luke Turns To The Dark Side


The Rumour:
The crew at Making Star Wars dropped the mother of all spoilers a little while back: the main antagonist of Episode VII is none other than Luke Skywalker. According to leaked storyboards, the film ends with The Force Awakens’ hero, Kira, confronting a villain in a cave-like stronghold only to discover the villain has been Luke the whole time. Kira then decides to join the Dark Side.

Likelihood: Unlikely

This one is hard to swallow. Luke turning to the Dark Side would render the entire story of Episodes I-VI pointless. Return of the Jedi’s entire climax revolved around Luke forsaking the Dark Side; Luke switching sides off camera would be a twist so wrongheaded it would enrage Star Wars fans more than a thousand Jar Jar Binks ever could.

More than likely, the scene described above (if it is actually in the movie at all) is a test of our hero’s mettle similar to the one Luke faced on Dagobah in Episode V. Luke might be taking a cue from master Yoda by making Kira face her greatest fear.

Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking on our part, but we can’t fathom the powers that be at Disney allowing Abrams to make such a foolish decision right out of the gate.

2. Planet Of The Sith


The Rumour: Making Star Wars continued its rumour parade this summer with more villain-centric spoilers. According to the site’s reports, parts of Episode VII will take place on a Sith home world known as Moraband.

Likelihood: Highly Unlikely

Going solely by the original and prequel Star Wars trilogies, this rumor seems a bit far-fetched. In the prequel trilogy, it’s made clear that the once mighty Sith order has been reduced to Darth Sidious and his apprentice Darth Maul. At the end of Episode VI, Sidious gets tossed into a reactor core and the body of his new apprentice, Darth Vader, gets burned to ashes onscreen. It’s a definitive end for the longtime antagonists of the Jedi without much room for interpretation.

Moraband exists in the Star Wars expanded universe as the birthplace of the Sith race. Fans might point to this as a sign that Moraband will show up in The Force Awakens; however, unlike their counterparts in the expanded universe, the Sith of the cinematic universe aren’t a race so much as an order of scumbags who turned to the Dark Side. This rumour seems a little too much like fanfiction to be legit. File it under ‘highly unlikely’.

1. Han Gets A New Ride


The rumour: Badass Digest reports that Episode VII finds fan favourites Han Solo and Chewbacca still cruising the galaxy in a pimped out new ride: a Super Star Destroyer like the one Darth Vader piloted in The Empire Strikes Back.

Likelihood: Extremely Unlikely

Han’s signature ride in A New Hope, The Millennium Falcon, became a character unto itself. Solo’s sentimental attachment to the outdated jalopy that ‘made the kessel run in less than 12 parsecs’ became a running joke throughout the trilogy. The Millennium Falcon also played a key part in the destruction of both Death Stars.

Han’s ship is a huge part of what made the character memorable. Star Wars fans are very curious to see if Han will be in the captain’s seat of his iconic starship when Episode VII hits theatres. Set photos directly from Episode VII’s production have confirmed that the Millennium Falcon will be returning in the new feature, which makes Han piloting a Super Star Destroyer seem a little far-fetched.

Also, Super Star Destroyers are massive, greatly dwarfing regular Star Destroyers; it’s a lot of machine for Han and Chewie to use to get from point A to B. This rumour comes across as nothing more than wishful thinking.
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