Taking Earth Back - Mass Effect discussion [spoilers]

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Taking Earth Back - Mass Effect discussion [spoilers]

Postby Ney » Sun Dec 16, 2012 10:36 pm

I know a couple of people here play Mass Effect.

I recently decided to re-play the series. I'm currently working through a brand new Paragon game. I just recruited Javik (the From Ashes DLC) and I certainly like his spunk. I also grabbed the Leviathan DLC, too. My first playthrough I did I rushed through the game to get to the end (I did every loyalty mission in ME2 and every mission in ME1).

That said - I love how Bioware weaved this story together. I remember the first time I saw Mordin cure the genophage and sacrifice himself (I cried my ass off). Also, finding the poem from the Krogan from Illum was really touching. That and Legion...

I'll say that I believe there's a core civil rights issue in Mass Effect that not many people seem to pick up and that is artificial intelligence. We're currently fighting against a different one in our current timeframe but Mass Effect really pushes this topic emotionally. I'd feel awful if EDI didn't survive. And the synthesis option at the end of ME3... it really pushes some mental boundaries and makes you consider the rights of AI.

Anywho, let's get discussing!
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Re: Taking Earth Back - Mass Effect discussion [spoilers]

Postby Lord Tuvitor » Mon Dec 17, 2012 6:44 am

Oh how I love the Mass Effect trilogy, DESPITE Electronic Arts' money grubbing tendencies. (still mad about spending 25 bucks on one night's worth of DLC)

And yeah, I think when you follow Legion's story, it really gets you thinking about the nature of AI, and the impending issues of transhumanism, much in the same vein as 2003-series Battlestar Galactica.

I cried my ass off both times Mordin cured the genophage. Yes, I chose the paragon storyline on my renegade femShep, but I actually tend to--she's more of a brutal paragon than a real Renegade (she's got like 1/3rd paragon 2/3rd renegade right now, the paragon from the big decisions, the renegade from the countless small brutal ones). :p
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